Pets v/s computers. Why do USA army have soldiers shoot pigs and then treat them to get "real world feeling"


Re: Pets v/s computers. Why do USA army have soldiers shoot pigs and then treat them to get "real world feeling"

Postby Jure Sah » Wed, 23 Jul 2008 20:15:31 GMT

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How cannon fodder relates to emotion remains a mystery. However your
purpose here does not.

Don't Troll.


There is no math in computers.

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1.Pets v/s computers. Why do USA army have soldiers shoot pigs and then treat them to get "real world feeling"

See the newspaper.
For the Iraq war, instead of using the best simulation models as PETA
activists wanted, the USA Army had the soldiers shoot pigs (I don't
know if the soldiers themselves had to shoot the pigs, or others shot
them for them) and then had to treat the pigs -------------- so that
for the Iraq war, when there were no medics available, they could
treat their comrades in arms

Computers are mathematical instruments --------------- they say one
emotion, two emotion, three emotion ---------- one cow, two cow, three
cow,       --------- one god, two god, three god, ------- one ball,
two ball, three ball ------- without ever knowing what an emotion, a
cow, a god, a ball, or an article EVER is.

Computers have no perception --------- and do not deceive yourself
that they ever will have.  I am a PhD in Computer Science/
specialization Artificial Intelligence and had to discuss with Dr S B
Khadkikar, PhD, retired head of theoretical physics department,
physics research laboratory, ahmedabad and now perhaps still serving
in space science department.

While the computer is not to be underestimated ------------- it is
only mathematics --------- not physics, not language, not beauty, not


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