What's the chance of going out and finding the butterfly which caused Hurricane Alex?


What's the chance of going out and finding the butterfly which caused Hurricane Alex?

Postby Don Stockbauer » Fri, 02 Jul 2010 03:18:56 GMT

After all, we're told that the flapping of a butterfly's wings can
create a hurricane down the line.

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Last august, I attended a seminar featuring Irene Pepperburg discussing the
"cognitive abilities" of Alex, her African Gray parrot. Unfortunately
Irene, who must be 60-something, is not only still a babe, but she wore a
blue denim micro mini-skirt to the podium! I was completly distracted for a
good 15 minutes before homing in on her comments about the alledged rather
subtle distinction she claimed between her mimetic methods and standard
operant conditioning. I took a few notes, and sauntered up after the
lecture, meaning to ask some hard questions. Nothing doing - I melted like
ice in summer - my hard qeustion, eyes averted: "you're in the MIT media
lab - ever cross paths with Minsky?" No, not too often, she said, be we do
have lunch now and then - his wife owns a parrot...

-- Star-struck

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"dan michaels" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> [...]

> Stephen Gould makes a strong "anti-anthro-
> pomorphic" case in his book Full House. He
> maintains that bacteria are possibly the most
> successive life-forms, as they've been here
> since the beginning, and they're still triving to-
> day. It wasn't really "progress", it was blind
> chance and random walk, that made humans.

I only disagree with your last statement.

It's not "chance", but the "pressures" inherent
in the one-way flow of energy, from order to
disorder, that is what's =described= by 2nd
Thermo [WDB2T], that Determine evolution-
ary dynamics.

The organism that can most-efficiently access
energy, survives most-easily.

Bacterial energy needs are crap [literally :-],
so there's energy all over the place as far as
they are concerned.

But they can't survive in a Sterile environment,
because, in it, they cannot obtain the energy
they need to survive.

A Human can't survive in a 'sterile' environment,
either [no food [I know, I know - irradiated
food is Sterile, but it's just a case in-point]], but,
perhaps, a Human can escape a Sterile env-
ironment before it's supply of energy runs out.

'Purchase' of this relative-Freedom requires
species to climb the energy-gradient that is
WDB2T - to become able to interact with it,
in survival-enhancing ways, =more=.

Why is it a "climbing" of WDB2T?

Because the "more ways" have to interact with
WDB2T in more ways - and that's 'just' in-

What Life does is "climb" WDB2T - which is
'just' to seek increased energy-abundance.

Chance cannot "climb" WDB2T. As soon as
it were to 'do' so, the odds would be stacked
against it, and, in accord with its own rules, it
slides back down the energy-gradient that is

[Aside ["to the wind", not Dan]: I observe that
the way Humans squander energy is not Intelligent,
but, rather, a 'moving away from' WDB2T, which
is the essence of absence-of-Intelligence. With
respect to such, Humans have still not achieved
more Intelligence than bacteria that gorge them-
selves, literally eating the futures of their progeny.

Still, I've Hope for Humans - because TD E/I-
minimization has been Comprehended.]

k. p. collins

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