Master page postback.. !IsPostback doesnt work


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Master page postback.. !IsPostback doesnt work

Postby anthonykallay » Tue, 10 Jul 2007 18:54:19 GMT

Hi there,

I dont this this a bug but i cant get my head around it.. I have a
master page that has a login control on it, to log in i press the
button and the page posts back, however on the page that is derived
from the master page (default.aspx) i have code that i dont want to
run after the login button is pressed so i used the standard

if(!Page.IsPostBack) {}

to try and hide the code on default.aspx, however since the postbsck
comes from the control in the master page this code still runs???

How do i stop this code running in default.aspx whn the login button
in the aster page is clicked??


Re: Master page postback.. !IsPostback doesnt work

Postby Mark Rae [MVP] » Tue, 10 Jul 2007 19:05:45 GMT

A couple of things...

Firstly, in the MasterPage / ContentPage scenario, content pages aren't 
"derived" from master pages - quite the reverse! In fact, a MasterPage is 
really nothing more than a UserControl.

Secondly, master pages are intended to provide common look and feel (and 
sometimes functionality) across several pages, possibly an entire site. If 
you have functionality in your master page which is intended for only one 
content page, then that functionality would be better placed in the content 
page itself, not the master page...

Mark Rae

Re: Master page postback.. !IsPostback doesnt work

Postby anthonykallay » Tue, 10 Jul 2007 19:44:13 GMT

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply but i dont think you quite understood what my
problem was..

The user control in the master page (login.ascx) does need to be on
every page, the only problem i have is that when i click this login
button and the page posts back all the code in default.aspx page_load
posts again even if i use the !IsPostback statement?? Why is this flag
not stopping the page_load code from executing in the default.aspx


Re: Master page postback.. !IsPostback doesnt work

Postby UGV0ZXIgQnJvbWJlcmcgW0MjIE1WUF0 » Tue, 10 Jul 2007 20:36:01 GMT

A "Postback" is a re-request (via HTTP POST) of the page, which means that 
everything - page and MasterPage get reloaded. So if this behavior is giving 
you issues, you need to re-think your logic to accomodate.
-- Peter
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Re: Master page postback.. !IsPostback doesnt work

Postby Patrice » Tue, 10 Jul 2007 20:42:52 GMT

You could also write the value to make sure your assumption is correct. For 
now I would write down the value to make sure it's incorrect. Actually for 
now I would expect that the value is correct but that you do something that 
doesn't need the code to run (for example when you postback, control values 
are populated from posted values even if  you don't bind data etc...)


"Peter Bromberg [C# MVP]" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > a rit dans 

Re: Master page postback.. !IsPostback doesnt work

Postby anthonykallay » Wed, 11 Jul 2007 00:49:13 GMT

Hi all,

Thanks for your replies but i still think im not being clear.. on
default.aspx i have the following code

 if (!Page.IsPostBack)
                string page;

                if (Request.QueryString["PageID"] != null)
                    page = Request.QueryString["PageID"].ToString();

Obviously this code runs the first time the page loads, then when
someone logs in they press the submit button in the login control on
the masterpage causing the page to "postback". However when this
"postback occurs the above code runs when i thought the if (!
Page.IsPostBack) would stop the code running as i have just posted the
page from the login ox.. Why does this code run??


Re: Master page postback.. !IsPostback doesnt work

Postby Patrice » Wed, 11 Jul 2007 01:06:17 GMT

Well have you tried to display Page.IsPostBack as asked previously ? How do 
you know for sure that this code runs. Sorry for being picky but sometimes 
we start from the assumption that a portion of code runs when actually it is 
some other portion that does the job or because the code doesn't need to run 
to get the same effect....

I would like to make 100% sure that IsPostBack doesn't return the correct 
value. The best way is to just print this value to see wether or not it is 
false. You could also dump Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_METHOD") to see if 
it"'s GET or POST.

For example if you have some other code that does a redirect once the 
postback for login occurs (which is perhaps the case with the standard 
RedirectFromLogin method) then you would have a postback that does a 
redirect and finally you are not seeing a postback in your code (i.e. you'll 
see postback being false and the method being GET)...


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