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  • 1. Import error: the underlying connection was closed
    Hi all, We ran into the following error while doing an import: Error: 0 Description: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive. Severity: 5 Source: System Debug info: N/A Extra info: N/A Client Source: CImProgress::ProcessPackage Recommended Action: N/A I saw an old posting by Gan mentionning the exact same problem. The import seems to proceed perfectly. Only when the progress is at 100% does it report this error. You then get the expected pop-up saying that the import failed, but in fact it hasn't! All files are imported, they're visible in SiteManager and the imported sites seem to work fine. The event log doesn't show any warnings or errors, just the expected informational messages saying that the import was completed. It does not seem to be a TCP problem, as I'm importing the .sdo on the same server where the database is. The server is Windows Server 2003, MCMS 2002 with SP1a. I've already switched off the shared memory protocol in the Client Network Utility and moved Named Pipes to the top. The metabase.xml was edited to avoid problems with large sdo's or resources. The size of our .sdo is 29 MB. To make sure it was not a problem with the database, I've also tried switching to a new empty database and repopulating that with the MCMS schema before the import; still the same error. Anyone have a clue? regards Pascal
  • 2. User Permission Problems
    Hi Were are experiencing user permission problems on CMS 2001. We have an intranet site running CMS 2001 with SP1. The site uses Windows Authentication and we have a Subscriber role called global where we have added all users individually - not via groups. However, one or two users are not able to access the site out of 2-3 hundred and are being prompted for login details when they try to access the home page. We've tried dropping the user from CMS and re-adding them and have checked their active directory profiles and they all seem fine, they just don't seem to be able to access the site. Has anyone seen this type of behaviour before or do you have any ideas why it would act like this Thanks in advance William
  • 3. As one of CMS minimum requirements is IE 5.5, is there someplace it can be downloaded?
    Hi. All the machines we're developing on are XP boxes, which doesn't ship with ie 5.5. As we need to test using all possible clients, I cannot find a downloadable version of ie5.5. Any thoughts? Alan.
  • 4. How to create a form
    How would an Author go about creating a form in a template? For example we want to have a simple "Contact Us" form on our site. Have the person enter their name, contact info and a question and have the page (posting) email us. Should this type of form be handled as a template only?

loosing support

Postby nikolaj » Sat, 18 Jun 2005 17:06:52 GMT

I'm working on an mcms solution where I need to be able to create users
and rightsgroups programmatically. As I understand it this can only be
done if I access the mcms databases directly and bypass the API.
What are the exact consequences for the support deal of my client?
Are there any way to do this without my client loosing there right to
When loosing the right to support, exactly what is it that you loose?
Are there a standard support deal with mcms and what does it contain?
Can you direct me to online information about how support works in
Microsoft and mcms?


Re: loosing support

Postby Stefan [MSFT] » Sat, 18 Jun 2005 17:58:53 GMT

Hi Nikolaj,

very easy: you can tell him to throw away the telephone number of Microsoft 
At least for everything related to MCMS in this application.
Never ever consider to do this when you want to be able to get support from 

There is absolutly no way to achieve this and keep the chance to get support 
from Microsoft Product Support Services in case of a problem.


"nikolaj" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > schrieb im Newsbeitrag 

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