Problemas con Ingres release 3


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  • 1. [Info-ingres] Table compression vs. table size
    Hi Guys, I thought I'd know this but I'm not sure anymore, so I thought I'd ask around. Small tests show if I uncompress a small table (from hidata), the table's number of pages remain the same (seems to use page compression vs row compression). Does this apply to all table sizes ? If I uncompress a 3 million page hidata table, will it still be 3 million pages uncompressed or can it hit Ingres's page limit ? (still approx 8 million ?) Andre
  • 2. Problem with win-1251 encoding
    Hi! I have problem with encoding cirillic win1251 encode and .Net provider for ingres R3!!! how i can add win1251<->win1252 encode to Ingres gcccset.xlt file ? Thanx for reading 8))) Помогите плиз!!! не то уволят нах!!!
  • 3. [Info-ingres] ING_SET_DBNAME and startsql annoyance.
    Hi Dudes, I'm trying to set up an ING_SET_DBNAME with a default locking strategy for a specific database. To test on a dummy database I have: setenv ING_SET_BOWTEST $II_SYSTEM/ingres/global.bowtest The named file contains: set lockmode on form_entry where readlock=shared, level=table; set lockmode on patients where readlock=shared, level=table; set lockmode on randomization where readlock=shared, level=table; I'm using SQL to test it, so the SQL startup file will be used as well. However the SQL startup file consists of: /* SQL Startup File */ But when I sql bowtest, the connection is bombed out with: INGRES TERMINAL MONITOR Copyright 2003 Computer Associates Intl, Inc. E_US09C4 Syntax error on line 1. Last symbol read was: '/'. (Wed May 25 11:58:50 2005) Nothing in the errlog.log I could remove the startsql file but I just cant see why this file should be causing any difficulty to begin with. Any ideas? Marty Random Titus Quote #9: Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and the world laughs harder.

Re: Problemas con Ingres release 3

Postby Steve McElhinney » Wed, 08 Aug 2007 00:07:09 GMT

Hi Osvaldo,
Alway post the full error:
E_OP0487_NOEQCLS     consistency check    - no joining equivalence
class found when expected

Also seen with:
E_OP0901_UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION Unknown exception occurred in optimizer
utility. Value is 68197.

I had a similar error on 2.6, AIX 5.2 a while ago, caused by a BIG bit
of SQL, it brought down the iidbms in fact.

The system had run out of OPF Memory.
If your symptoms are similar to the above, I suggest you re-configure
the system (use cbf)
with a big amount of OPF Memory and re-start Ingres.

Good Luck

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