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Exchange 2000


  • 1. Turnning off the reading pane by default
    Is there a way to turn off the reading pane for all users accounts in OWA by default?
  • 2. Deny PST usage
    Does anyone know of a group policy that will either deny creation of a pst or will deny the ability to put mail in a pst? The only option I see that is avialable when adding the outlook 2007 Resource kit named LArge:PST, this option appears to allow you to set size limits on pst's. I'm thinking about setting the option to 0 and seeing if that would work.
  • 3. Upgrading Clients
    I wanted to know of the website were i could find all Exchange 2003 Outlook 2003 upgrades. I have had Exchange running since 2004 and wanted to maek sure that i was completely upgraded. Also how and where do I to check waht Exchange Version I have and Outlook version?
  • 4. GAL incomplete for some users E12
    Hello, i've just installed Exchange 2007 on a customer and it's reporting that for some users, the GAL is incomplete(i.e, they type the shortname, and it doesn't autocompletes, nor it appears on the list). what can i do to solve this?

Help me?

Postby Toandx » Thu, 04 Mar 2004 16:07:58 GMT

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Server Response: '-ERR The requested message could not be 
converted to an RFC-822 compatible format.  Please contact 
your administrator', Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server 
Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800420CD

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I have an exchange server box, 5.5.  with SP3.  Norton Antivirus deleted the 
edb.log file and the information store would not restart.  somehow, before i 
got to the server, most of the files were removed and the service restarted 
with a new priv.edb and pub.edb.

Problem i have is this; I have two huge priv and pub files  - about 1.5 gigs 
each - just sitting there and CEO, CIO, and CFO want all their old emails.  
Dude that claims he does backups, did not do backups this time for some 
strange reason and i have absolutely no kind of backup - just these two 
files.  Is there any way i can work with these files and get exchange server 
to accept these files and retrieve the old emails??

Any help, idea, or suggestion, would be greatly appreciated.


Hi All,

I hope someone can help here. We had a total hardware failure on a the
mirror of a W2K box with Exchange 2000. We were able to save the Raid 5 D
drive that has the Exchange Private and Public Store.
On the new hardware we installed W2K and ran the 2000 BackOffice setup. As
part of this setup we joint the box to the existing domain and installed
Exchange2000. After reboot, the server had joined the domain and had
replicated the AD from the other DC. When starting the Enterprise Admin the
public and private store were showing but couldn't be started. The property
pages point to the right DIR on the D drive where all logfiles and the
Private and Public store files are. We then noticed that there is no M drive
and when we checked the services, none of the Exchange services are there.

We have no clue what has happened. Does anybody know about a white paper or
something that we could use to get Exchange back up again? If needed we can
whipe the C drive again and start from scratch.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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