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Changed ISP providers and external ip address

Postby Um9vaw » Sun, 20 Nov 2005 02:22:07 GMT

I have an exchange server that we moved from another building to a new one.  
We had to change ISP providers and get a new external ip address.  What needs 
to be done to set up with the new ISP provider and the new external ip 
address?  Do I change the MX record and A record to point to new external ip 
address?  Is this right and what else might I do.  Do I have to change any 
setting on the exchange server itself?  Thanks

Re: Changed ISP providers and external ip address

Postby Bharat Suneja » Sun, 20 Nov 2005 03:00:44 GMT

Your Exchange server's most likely using internal/private IP addresses - if 
that's the case, as long as your internal IP addressing is the same (in your 
new building), you don't need to change anything on your server.
- DNS: Yes, A record should map to new external IP address, no change 
required in MX - it points to the A record.
- Firewall: If you're using a firewall/NAT, you'll need to make changes to 
the IP addresses and NAT rule(s) on the fw.
Bharat Suneja

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