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specify attributes

Postby grover970 » Fri, 10 Feb 2006 08:50:06 GMT

I have a list of children that contain an image, name and a story and
 I want to randomly populate one of them at a time. I am able to get it
 to randomize, but I can't target the attributes, they always comeback 

 Here is my xml structure:
    <child imageURL="child0.jpg" childName="ben neal0" childStory="child 0 
story" />
    <child imageURL="child1.jpg" childName="ben neal1" childStory="child 1 
story" />     
    <child imageURL="child2.jpg" childName="ben neal2" childStory="child 2 
story" />
    <child imageURL="child3.jpg" childName="ben neal3" childStory="child 3 
story" />
    <child imageURL="child4.jpg" childName="ben neal4" childStory="child 4 
story" />

 and here is my actionscript:
 function loadChildren(){
    for (var aChild in children) {
        var childData = children;
        var randomNode = Math.floor(Math.random() * childData.length);
                trace(randomNode); //this sends me back a number 0-4

 what do I have to do to single out the attributes of the randomly
 picked child node?

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