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internet explorer error message

Postby codescodescodes » Thu, 09 Feb 2006 09:29:38 GMT

I'm experiencing this problem quite often and at first I didn't think it was 
anything, but now I think it might be something.   When I load a completed .swf 
and the accompanying .html to a server and I open internet explorer and 
navigate to the site, it works fine, but when I close internet explorer it 
gives me this error message:

 The instruction at "0x01935fbe" referenced memory at "0x01935fbe".  The memory 
could not be "read".  Click on OK to terminate the program.

 What is causing this?  I've looked at my code and it looks fine.  When I test 
it in Flash everything works.  No compile time error or anything.  Has anybody 
experienced this and does anybody know what the problem is?

Re: internet explorer error message

Postby Jensen » Thu, 09 Feb 2006 22:29:05 GMT


I did a search on Google and found many hits for similar things. I looked at 

A lot of people reports similar problems as you. Not all that much 
conclusive help there, but one of the things two different individuals 
concluded was that it seemed to be related to their "homepage" and ISP. But 
as far as I can tell, there can be different reasons for this problem. You 
might want to look around a bit on those google hits and try out different 


Re: internet explorer error message

Postby codescodescodes » Fri, 10 Feb 2006 07:55:30 GMT

Thanks Jensen.  I took a look at the link you sent me and I went through most 
of the posts and I was able to try out some of the remedies, which seemed to 
resolve the problem for now.  I changed my homepage from Yahoo to MSN and now 
everything seeems to be ok.  I also looked at the Microsoft support site, but 
no easy remedies were mentioned on that site.  Anyways, thanks again.  My 
system is running clean again............for now.

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