newbie-can any1 help?shrinking and growing button



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newbie-can any1 help?shrinking and growing button

Postby asdtfpobiagfojbasm » Sat, 08 May 2004 18:24:30 GMT

Hi folks,

 I'm a newbie... and have a problem. Basically I know what I want to happen, 
but I need some genius to convert my lay-terms into action script (mx 2004) or 
whatever works.

 Ok, I have a button that I want to smoothly grow when I rollover it. When I 
rollout of it, it then needs to shrink back to it's original size. But.... This 
is the tricky bit! -How do I make it so that if I rollout half way whilst its 
getting larger, it begins to shrink from that point on and doesn't jump/jitter?

 I need to set a limit to the size that it grows to e.g to a maximum 120x120px.

 Any help would be much appreciated.

Re: newbie-can any1 help?shrinking and growing button

Postby Shan-Dysigns » Sat, 08 May 2004 20:04:16 GMT

This might help get you started. I did this late, so it's not perfect, but it will maybe help...

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2.making an instance shrink and grow continuously

This is kind of frustrating.  According to the Flash help, when using a Tween 
class, you can refer back to the tween with a "onMotionChanged" and 
"onMotionFinished" event handlers to call a function after the tween effect has 
finished or changed.  However, in both AS2 and AS3, neither of these work. I 
get an error in both versions saying that there is no property with the name 
'onMotionChanged' or the other.  Which means Flash itself does not recognize 
what it has in its own Help files as a proper event handler.  Am I missing 
something or is this just a cruel joke by them?  I have included the import 
actions in AS.  My code is attached.

 I'm trying to call repeat the initial tween transition (iconPulse) in reverse 
order.  I want to create an effect of a pulsing image that shrinks and grows.

 import mx.transitions.Tween;
 import mx.transitions.easing.*;

 var iconPulse:Tween = new Tween(this, "_yscale", Regular.easeOut, 80, 100, 5, 
 var iconPulse:Tween = new Tween(this, "_xscale", Regular.easeOut, 80, 100, 5, 

 iconPulse.onMotionFinished = function(){
 	var iconPulse = new Tween(this, "_yscale", Regular.easeOut, 100, 80, 5, true);
 	var iconPulse = new Tween(this, "_xscale", Regular.easeOut, 100, 80, 5, true);

3.can any1 help me with text fields?

if possible could someone tell me ho to make a flash movie where an input box 
saves the text inside to the bottom of a text (.txt) file and a dynamic text 
box loads the text every 10 sec's...

 sort of like a forum or chat room only not using a server so that when the 
text is entered into the input box it is saved to the end of a text file and 
loaded into a dynamic scrollable text box with all of the messages...

 Please help this is URGENT!!! 

4.can any1 help

I'm having real trouble with animating a flash menu if i send the .fla file to som1 do you think you could help. once you see it it will become aparent what the problem is .

many thanks

5.can any1 help me with text fields?

If you are running from an iis server then you could use the fileSystemObject 
to crete a text file and append to the bottom of it using getURL in flash to 
call the asp page that does the work. 

 If you are looking to do the whole thing locally then I doubt that flash (or 
the users system for that matter) would allow flash to create a text file 
locally. You may not have to though. If you are looking to create a ticker of 
sorts then try something like this.

 Create a hidden field on your htm page and keep appending values to it useing 
javascript calls from flash. Make it a pipe delimited list. Then you can get 
that hidden fields value whenever you want, parse it out and do whatever you 
like with it.

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