Iiyama HM704UTC Problem



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Iiyama HM704UTC Problem

Postby Alex » Mon, 20 Dec 2004 06:51:20 GMT


I have this pretty old pentium II 350MHz computer(pc100 mainboard ,an S3
Trio3D videocard,some no-name 4GB harddrive and (blushing here) 32 MB of
RAM) which was enough for my needs.(Win98)
My monitor is a 2 year-old Iiyama HM704UTC.
    Now recently it has started behaving strangely when booting and shutting
No Bios check on the screen and no windows flashscreen and the screen stays
black.In the beginning ,the desktop would sometimes appear after a long 5-10
minutes,now I have to turn the screen's power switch off and on again once
to make my desktop appear.From there on I can work normally.
On shutdown no flashscreen and no "it's save now to shut down" message.When
I made a warm reboot no 'windows is restarting now' either,the desktop
reappeared with or without working the switch.
No problems with other screens!

Last minute development!I just did another warm reboot....!It came back ,but
the whole screen was all shaky and distorted with colour freckles all over
and a some chirping high frequency sound!Pushed the power button again,all
back to normal!

Is this a power problem?Thanks very much for any comment!

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