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  • 1. Enable HTTP conectivity
    Hi All, Is there anyone know how to Enable HTTP conectivity using IIS windows server 2003 ? Thanks Firman
  • 2. IIS Report Information
    Hi, I need to create a report with all the configuration on all my web servers with IIS (about 100). There is any tool or script cretaed by Microsoft or don't, that I can use? I try to use ARKIIS, but the Trial Version is not useful fo me... Tks, Rafael
  • 3. out of memeory - IIS6
    Hi, I am getting this out of memeory error on my asp website running on IIS. We tried to move the application to 3 different servers and same error happens in all the 3 (windows 2000 and windows 2003). We have 4GB of RAM on all these boxes. Following are the details I could find out from the IIS dianostic tools and the windows task manager: 1. The out of ememory happens even when the IIS w3wp process reaches 350mb (which is less than 1/8th of total memory). 2. I took the IIS memory dumbs and tried to analyze(I could not understand many fo the details). I noticed that the rtemplates cached (350 templates) only takes about 106mb. So it does not look like any template cache size issue but not sure. 3. I tried to contact thru many foruyms and most people says some memeory leak possibly due to objects in memory. If thats the case, should the IIS process memeory peak to its capacity. For us, the out of meemory happens when the IIS process meemory shows only less than 350mb in the windows task maanger. once we restart the IIS, the issue happens after 6-8 hours. Can anybody help me? Thanks, Thomson.

IIS Basic Question

Postby Sm9lbCBEYW5pZWxz » Mon, 21 Nov 2005 06:45:05 GMT

I have a basic IIS question here. In IIS versions 5 and 6, what is the best 
way to view the number of active connections/sessions?


Joel Daniels

Re: IIS Basic Question

Postby Ken Schaefer » Mon, 21 Nov 2005 10:12:53 GMT

Performance Monitor (Start -> Run -> Perfmon). There are counters for the 
number of HTTP connections, and current ASP and ASP.NET sessions.


:I have a basic IIS question here. In IIS versions 5 and 6, what is the best
: way to view the number of active connections/sessions?
: Thanks,
: Joel Daniels 

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