Passive FTP between WNT and WXP



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Passive FTP between WNT and WXP

Postby A P » Wed, 20 Jul 2005 14:12:52 GMT


I have setup a PC with Windows XP Professional SP1 and Windows NT 4.0 SP6
with both IE6SP1 and installed Firewall Client. I have set on ISA 2000 SP2
FP1 full access to all protocols but still, NT 4.0 cannot access to FTP
sites especially passive FTP! How can I set this and solve this issue?


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the Microsoft Client Firewall on those machines already.

03:46:15 [434]USER oespftp 331 0
03:46:15 [434]PASS - 230 0
03:46:15 [434]sent /mdb/abc/database.exe 426 995
03:46:15 [434]sent /mdb/abc/database.exe 426 995
03:46:28 [434]QUIT - 426 0

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Any ideas on this? To me, it seems problem on the setup of WinXP sp2
and ISA 2004.



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