Isa 2004 & SMTP filter: how to turn off NDR's



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Isa 2004 & SMTP filter: how to turn off NDR's

Postby Paul De Bie » Tue, 19 Jul 2005 22:16:15 GMT

Hi all,

does anyone know how I can prevent the SMTP Virtual server to send out 
NDR's for incoming messages with a destination that does not exist in 
our domain?   Most of these messages are spams.  The NDR's hang around 
in the queue for days because the senders' (spammers) address doesn't 
exist either.
Also we are having a mail gateway (X-Wall) further along the line which 
handles the NDR's for us, so I really don't need the ISA server SMTO 
filter doing the same.

(NB: IN Exchange, SMTP Virtual server, I believe you have this option to 
turn off NDR. However, I don't find in the ISA SMTP Virtual server...)



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