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how to erase searched words

Postby Angelo » Thu, 01 Jan 2004 08:51:52 GMT

Hi everyone,

- How do I erase the searchd key word that I entered on 
the browser. My PC remembers the word. Is there any 
option in the browser menu for this? 

- I set the default homepage when the browser is started. 
However, recently, (well, don't remember how it happened) 
the browse always default to a particular site (when the 
PC is started/restarted) no matter I changed the default 
home page.
I use IE. Any help would he appreciated. 


Re: how to erase searched words

Postby anonymous » Thu, 01 Jan 2004 09:24:04 GMT

rom various sources.......
How to Use AutoComplete Feature Internet Explorer 5 and 6
There are lots of autocomplete features in XP.
Google history is at the bottom.

Your Outlook Express Password Is Not Retained in Windows
2000 or XP
visit this site: http://;en-us;264672

Your Password Is Not Retained in Windows 2000 or Windows
visit this site: http://;en-us;259416

AutoComplete Does Not Save Username and Password
visit this site: http://;EN-US;Q306895

AutoComplete and Vcard and how they work
visit this site: http://

The AutoComplete Feature May Not Complete Long Web
visit this site: http://
visit this site: http://
Remove hidden AutoComplete entries in History
visit this site: http://
visit this site: http://

DelTypedURL [right-click and select: Save Target As]
Removes the URL's from the Address Bar drop-down list
without deleting the Internet Explorer History.
To use: right-click and select: Install
Note: this does not remove entries entered via

Internet Explorer 6.0 window:
-->Tools button
--->Internet options
---->Content tab
----->Autocomplete button
Use AutoComplete for:
[_] Web addresses
[_] Forms
[_] User names and passwords on forms
Make desired changes on options.
Internet Explorer 6.0 window:
--Tools button
---Internet Options
----Advanced tab
-----Browsing (list)
-------[_] Show friendly URLs
-------[_] Show friendly HTTP error messages
-------[_] Use Inline AutoComplete
Make desired changes on options.
Internet Explorer 6.0 window:
-Tools (button)
-Internet Options
-Click Advanced (tab)
In listing find:
-Search from the Address bar
---When searching
(_) Display results, and go to the most likely site.
(_) Do not search from the Address bar.
(_) Just dispaly the results in main window.
(_) Just go to the most likely site.
Make desired changes on options.
In Start 'Search' window:
-Left column pick "More advanced options" chevron
--Slide down & pick "Change preferences"
---Pick "Turn autocomplete on/off"
In Start 'Search' window:
--Slider down & pick "Change preferences"
---Pick "Without an animated screen character"
Google toolbar history:
Click on small triangle next to word google
Click on clear history or recent history.

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