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Pivot chart values

Postby c2F6MjM2OQ » Wed, 04 Feb 2009 19:31:01 GMT

On my stacked column pivot chart I want to show on the 
data labels the percentage that make up the column and on my y axis the 
actual number can I show this?

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Question:  Is there a way with VBA to dynamically control the value axis
based on the data values being displayed at any given time?

Details:  I have a pivot chart that displays 3 data series.

Series 1 values range from 17 to 106.
Series 2 values range from 1 to 18.
Series 3 values range from 0 to 1.

When I display all three series on the chart, the value axis labels run from
1 to 120 with major unit lines at intervals of 20.

When I remove Series 1, the chart automatically adjusts itself and the
value axis labels run from 1 to 20 with lines at intervals of 2, thus
nicely accommodating the value ranges of Series 1 and Series 2.

All this is fine.  But when I remove Series 2, leaving only Series 3,
the labels run from 1 to 1.2 with interval spacing of .2.  Since these
values are counts, it makes little sense to show decimal values.

Can anyone provide advice on how to keep these axis labels from
showing decimal values, if a user removes Series 1 and Series 2?


- Bob

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>> 4 charts that reference calculations in a free area, which change dynamically based on selections in a pivot table on the top of the workbook -- this way i build "normal" dynamic charts off of a pivot table without having to use a pivot chart. this normally works 100% ok.

>> 3 charts work perfectly fine but the 4th is not updating the x-values, even though the y-values update 100% ok. in other words, as i pivot on the table, the y-values change but the x values remain the same -- even though the cells they reference have changed. i tried using a named range for these cells, which did not work.

>> the chart that isn't working is a bar chart that shows category growth first and growth of individual brands below. if i remove the "category" x label from on top, the chart otherwise updates just fine. if i change the "category" x label to a blank cell or numeric value, the chart updates fine. leaving it as a text field or a cell reference to another text field is somehow causing the chart not to update when the referenced values change.

any clues??? i'm totally stuck.

jason gers
whitestone, ny

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users who aren't so good at doing more than basic manipulation of the
pivot table), but still retain the
formatting and structure. In Excel 2003, I just duplicated the
worksheet and the new
pivot chart would be associated with the new pivot table.  In Excel
2007, I find the new pivot chart is *still* tied back to the original
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