Cell reference in chart scale?



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Cell reference in chart scale?

Postby QmlsbCBXaWxzb24 » Wed, 01 Nov 2006 01:24:01 GMT

Can I use a cell reference, rather than absolute value, to set min or max 
Y-axis scale in chart?  I think I have done this before but cannnot remember 
how.  Thanks.

Re: Cell reference in chart scale?

Postby Andy Pope » Wed, 01 Nov 2006 01:40:46 GMT


Not directly. You would need to use event code to capture cell changing 
and then apply value to chart.

Jon Peltier has details.



Andy Pope, Microsoft MVP - Excel

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the duplicate Sheets("XY") was indeed very silly! I took it out and the
debugger still strike that line.
The error I get is: Run-time error 438.
I change that line to ///
Windows("erslOg_XxYy.XLS").Sheets("XY").Range("$e$41").Value    ////and
the probem persists...
It will be nice if I get it fixed since then I can create a kind of
zoom in the chart (using a second range of vaues for axes).

The working code I took it from your website and I like to thank you
very much for that,

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Can anyone help me with this macro (my programming experience is very
I have a chart Chart4 on a sheet XY in the workbook erslOg_XxYx.
The same chart is in a separate sheet Chart2 on the same workbook (I
did that so I can print it easier).
The scale and the title is changed from reference cells from XY.
For the chart on the XY sheet is working fine, but is not for the chart
on separate sheet.
Last night I had the impression is working but now it is striking at:
.HasTitle = True
if I comment that it will execute (will change the title accordingly)
but it will strike at any row which makes reference to the cells in XY
sheet like:
.MinimumScale =

What is wrong with addressing those cells?
Thank you,

-----------------------------------------------this is
Sub scales2()
' change scales on chart on the current sheet Macro

    ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 4").Activate

    With ActiveChart
        .HasTitle = True
        .ChartTitle.Characters.Text = ActiveSheet.Range("$c$1").Text
    End With

    With ActiveChart.Axes(xlCategory)
        .MinimumScale = ActiveSheet.Range("$e$41").Value
        .MaximumScale = ActiveSheet.Range("$e$42").Value
        .MinorUnit = ActiveSheet.Range("$e$43").Value
        .MajorUnit = ActiveSheet.Range("$e$44").Value
        .Crosses = xlCustom
        .CrossesAt = ActiveSheet.Range("$e$41").Value
        .ReversePlotOrder = False
        .ScaleType = xlLinear
        .DisplayUnit = xlNone
    End With

    With ActiveChart.Axes(xlValue)
        .MinimumScale = ActiveSheet.Range("$h$42").Value
        .MaximumScale = ActiveSheet.Range("$h$41").Value
        .MinorUnit = ActiveSheet.Range("$h$43").Value
        .MajorUnit = ActiveSheet.Range("$h$44").Value
        .Crosses = xlCustom
        .CrossesAt = ActiveSheet.Range("$h$42").Value
        .ReversePlotOrder = False
        .ScaleType = xlLinear
        .DisplayUnit = xlNone
    End With
------------------------------------------------------this is not

' change scales to the same but for chart on separate sheet Macro

    ActiveWindow.Visible = False



    With ActiveChart
        .HasTitle = True
        .ChartTitle.Characters.Text =
    End With

    With ActiveChart.Axes(xlCategory)
        .MinimumScale =
        .MaximumScale = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("XY").Range("$e$42").Value
        .MinorUnit = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("XY").Range("$e$43").Value
        .MajorUnit = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("XY").Range("$e$44").Value
        .Crosses = xlCustom
        .CrossesAt = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("XY").Range("$e$41").Value
        .ReversePlotOrder = False
        .ScaleType = xlLinear
        .DisplayUnit = xlNone
    End With

    With ActiveChart.Axes(xlValue)
        .MinimumScale = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("XY").Range("$h$42").Value
        .MaximumScale = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("XY").Range("$h$41").Value
        .MinorUnit = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("XY").Range("$h$43").Value
        .MajorUnit = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("XY").Range("$h$44").Value
        .Crosses = xlCustom
        .CrossesAt = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("XY").Range("$h$42").Value
        .ReversePlotOrder = False
        .ScaleType = xlLinear
        .DisplayUnit = xlNone
    End With

End Sub

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