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  • 1. A copy of a chart doesn't change when the original has new range
    So I have a chart that is based on data until october: paid unpaid total paid vs unpaid january 1 65 66 2% february 3 5484 5487 0% march 564 2621 3185 18% april 561 56194 56755 1% may 516 548 1064 48% june 61 64 125 49% july 61 894894 894955 0% august 6 9494 9500 0% september 161 48949 49110 0% october 9616 949189 958805 1% november 0 #DIV/0! december 0 #DIV/0! Then I create a copy of this chart in new worksheet. However, when I update range of the original chart until December (specifing new range) with updated figures, the copy doesn't update itself and I have to also manually update the copy. Everything is fine with the copy when only figures change (without changing the range), but when a new range is specified then there is a problem. My newly created report has lots of graphs like that and I am doomed now. Is there a wa to hard link these charts?? I add that I don't do VBA but maybe if that would be only solution I could ask somebody from work to this if you have an idea. Any help appreciated.
  • 2. OTHER options for chart not plotting null ("") or zero values
    I've read the above suggestions for a chart not plotting zeros or null values. This worked....however, then I got errors because of other calculations (averages) that use these cells as references (and #NA just doesn't go over well when it's being used in another formula). Because of the many other formulas (in visual basic and in the exel file) that would need to be changed if i created an extra column, or did some of the other options I would REALLY prefer to not do any of those. Isn't there some way within the chart's options to exlude these values? Or is my best bet to go through the work of creating a seperate column that doesn't have the #NA in it?
  • 3. Excel 2007 - Column charting
    When you set reverse categories for the horizontal axis, I noticed that the legend (which I normally placed at the bottom of the chart), did not correspondingly reverse. Is this WAD (working as designed) ? If not, how can i overcome this as the reader would have to mentally "remap" the legend to the bar chart. Thanks very much.
  • 4. Multiple Excel Charts to PowerPoint
    OK, I think I have a question that will stump even the best of you! :) I have several worksheets that contain multiple charts. I want to copy the charts from Excel to PowerPoint with one chart to a slide. I can do so one at a time by copying and pasting them. The drawback is that it takes lots of time to do this because I'm working with 250+ charts. My question is if there is a way to quickly export the charts to PowerPoint so that each slide contains a different chart.
  • 5. Creating a simple chart
    I don't use Charts normally so sorry for a simple question. How can I create a chart with the months along the bottom and a single column per month showing % left when the values I have are total available and total used for each month. The total available is a constant and the total used is the variable value. I am using Excel 2007.

Export Excel Chart to .gif or .png file

Postby U3RldmUgTWNHb3VydHk » Wed, 13 Jul 2005 01:41:02 GMT

then I used to select and copy individual charts in an Excel file and paste 
them into PhotoDraw to create .gif and .png files.  Recently I lost access to 
PhotoDraw (a dictated productivity enhancment) and am wondering what current 
product MS has  to replace this functionality?

Re: Export Excel Chart to .gif or .png file

Postby Jon Peltier » Wed, 13 Jul 2005 03:12:02 GMT

If you don't feel like programming, use John Walkenbach's Chart Tools 
utility (free from  http://www.**--****.com/ ) to export your charts.

If you're not afraid of a little VBA, check out the Chart.Export method.

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Peltier Technical Services
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