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    Is there a good online tutorial that I can download and print that discusses charting in Office2007? Trying to read through all the help files is really cumberson and ususally those charting sections in published books are too brief. Thanks,
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    Hi, I have created a Line Chart that includes the data table below it. Whilst I have been able to specify that blank series (rows) are not plotted, the Marker still displays in the Data Table, even though there is no corresponding data. Is there a way to specify that blank series should not display the Marker in the Data Table? Thanks, Kim -- Kim in Melb
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    I am trying to chart two sets of data on one chart. The data sets will come from sheets within the same spreadsheet. Both sets use dates, but they might be different dates, so I'd like to have the x axis show consecutive dates (e.g 1-1-10 through 1-31-10) The y axis in both cases will be time of day. I want to display time by hourly increments for 24 hours on this axis. I want the chart to show times medication is administered (from sheet 1) and times a specific event occurs (from sheet 2) I have been trying for hours and getting nowhere. I generally chart using bars, but did not think this would be so different. Help, please. Val
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    Hi all i using following formula and description for the dynamic chart. Please do the needful In B1 = Project start date , C1= Mar-10 In B2= Project duration , C2= 30 ( which may vary) In B3= Project Cost , C3= 10000000 In C6=+IF(ROW()-ROW(C$6)+1<=C$2,DATE(YEAR(C$1),MONTH(C$1)+ROW()-ROW(C$6),DAY(C$1)),"") Till C50 In D5=IF(OR(B6="",B6=0),"",B6/$C$2) till d50 In e5=IF(OR(D6="",D6=0),"",IF(D6<=33.33%,(($I$1*D6^2)*100),IF(D6<=66.67%,($I$2*D6+$I$3),IF(D6>=66.67%,($I$4+$I$5*D6+$I$6*D6^2)*100,"")))), till E50 In f5= IF(OR(B6="",B6=0),"",E6*$C$3), till F50 The problem i am facing is when i select the data for the chart ( C6:C50and F5: F50) depending upon the value in C2 the curve will show but after that curve drops to 0 , I don't want curve to drop 0 depend upon the value in C2
  • 5. Displaying zero values as gap in a chart
    I am looking for a way to display zero values in my charts as gaps. Right now I there is a big slant in my chart that I am trying to get rid of. The range I am using has formular in them, so even when the cells evaluate to blanks, they are displayed as zeros on the chart. Any help will be greatly apprecaited. Thanks

Help with "clusters" of plotted data

Postby TWFyc2hhbGw » Wed, 28 Oct 2009 04:45:01 GMT

I've been looking everywhere and I cannot seem to find a solution to my 
problem.  I have data in my spreadsheet that is 'test' data from a lab.  The 
lab doesn't generate data over weekends/holidays, so I'll have a bunch of 
data points from M-F dates, but then there is a gap in days then the data 
starts flowing again.


When I plot this data using the X-Y graph (my situation isn't conducive to 
using a line graph), I'll have clusters of 5 days worth of data...a 2 day gap 
on the x-axis for the weekend and then another cluster.  I want to have the 
sequential data points connected by a line and not have a line across the 
data gaps.

Is there a way to do this?  

Re: Help with "clusters" of plotted data

Postby Herbert Seidenberg » Thu, 29 Oct 2009 03:51:44 GMT

Excel 2007 X Y Chart
No weekend gap.

Re: Help with "clusters" of plotted data

Postby Jon Peltier » Thu, 29 Oct 2009 22:52:03 GMT

In your data range, list every date, and keep the cells next to weekend 
dates empty. By default, Excel skips empty cells in a line or XY chart, 
leaving a gap.

Note that a formula that returns "" is not empty, because the cell 
contains a formula.

- Jon
Jon Peltier
Peltier Technical Services, Inc.

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