automatic dates in a column


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    Hi Guys, I am trying to find a matching value specificed in a particular cell within a seperate range of cells and then return the value adjacent to the matching cell from that range. For example, If I have the word "dog" in cell F6 and know it is contained somewhere within the range A7:A35, I then want excel to return the value in the cell adjacent to where "dog" is contained (ie somewhere between B7:B35). Many thanks in advance, Ant
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    Is there a way to assign the active or selected cell on a worksheet to a TextBox on a form? This is what I have to far but it is not working. Private Sub txtSiteRw_Change() txtSiteRw.Value = Application.ActiveCell.Address If txtSiteRw.Value = "" Then Me.cmdFillForm.Enabled = False ElseIf txtSiteRw.Value <> "" Then Me.cmdFillForm.Enabled = True End If End Sub Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    I have a workbook with 4 sheets used to track sales. On sheet 1 we enter the sales information. Sheet 2 is used to summarize the sales daily, sheet 3 for weekly and sheet 4 monthly. Daily summaries are pretty simple. I can use SUMIF and COUNTIF to count the number of sales for the day, and total them up. The weekly summaries seem to be a little more tricky for me. I can use column A for the first day of the week and column B for the last day of the week, but I could use a little help with the formulas to count and total the sales for the week. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks Jim

automatic dates in a column

Postby gsbbr » Thu, 08 Jan 2004 02:29:23 GMT

I know this is an elementary question, but I do not have a manual, and
the "Help" doesn't open in Excel.  I've used Excel for several years,
made graphs, etc., but I still don't know how to do the following.

The first column needs to be consecutive dates, e.g., 1/1/04, 1/2/04,
1/3/04, 1/4/04, etc.  I have been entering each date in manually, but I
know there must be a simple way for Excel to do this for me.  I have to
enter dates for the entire year.

Can anyone help?  Thanks for your patience.

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Re: automatic dates in a column

Postby Peo Sjoblom » Thu, 08 Jan 2004 02:41:09 GMT

Put the date in the first cell, select the cell again, move the cursor to
the lower right corner of the cell,
copy it down by left clicking and holding down the mouse button while
dragging downwards



Peo Sjoblom

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If your end date is in A1, then in B1 use:


"Spence" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
news:185f601c41b33$5d5e9c20$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> What I need to do is simple (I hope.) I have a column
> called END DATE and I need to generate another column
> START DATE based on the END DATE records. Each record in
> the START DATE column needs to be 365 days earlier than
> the date in the existing END DATE record. So, I'm looking
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