underlines not printing


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  • 1. can not change size of shared workbook
    I have a share workbook that only opens in about 2/3 of the screen. The minimize and restore and exit buttons are not in the upper corner and it will not let me stretch it. I am using 2007 but it is saved in 2003 format. It also says compatibility mode after the file name.
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    I am trying to get a company name to show up in a custom header, but the & is used for formatting and so it doesn't show up in the header. A & A Produce looks like A A Produce. Any ideas? I tried putting an apostrophe in front of the text, but that only seems to work inside the cells. I am using Office Excel 2003. Thanks!
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  • 4. Excel Speadsheets
    We just installed Office 2007 on our pc's. In Excel 2003 if someone was in the spread sheet it would bring up a "read only" box listing the name of the person that was in the spreadsheet. 2007 just says "another user" is in it. Is there a way to change that to show the name of the user? The users names already show on thier own pc's in Office.
  • 5. 'If' formula
    It must be early monday morning because I can not wrap my head around this. I have a spreadsheet that has due dates and pay dates that are different depending on sales rep. This is an example: A B C D E 1 customer sales rep inv date due date pay date 2 misc 1 SLS 11/30/2009 3 misc 2 HOU 11/30/2009 4 misc 3 NAG 11/30/2009 5 misc 4 KAS 11/30/2009 Sales Rep SLS always gets paid on the first of the month following the invoice date. Sales Rep NAG always gets paid on the 15th if in by the 30th and paid by the 30th if in by the 15th. Sales Rep KAS and HOU is net due 30 days. Can anyone help?

underlines not printing

Postby SnVsaWVG » Sat, 05 Apr 2008 02:10:02 GMT

We are having a problem with Excel 2007. Underlines show on the print preview 
of a document, but do not print on paper. Any ideas??

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