underlines not printing


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    I am using Excell 2007, and I have create a pivot table, and I have a number of reps that I want to display in my pivot and their sales amounts. In my data table, I have created "dummy" rows with the reps names, but sales $ are blank because they haven't sold anything. I want their name to show up in my pivot table as blanks. Right now only names with sales show up. I see under PivtoTable Options, under the Display tab ther is a box to click to "Show Itmes with no Data on Rows", but it is greyed out. Any idea how to un-grey out this option?
  • 2. 2007 Structured Reference auto-completion not working completely?
    In Excel 2007, when I: 1) Select a cell 2) Type "=" in the formula bar 3) Click a cell in a Table I thought Excel would add a Structured Reference to the formula. Instead, it just inserts an old-style, "A1" reference. The "Formula AutoComplete" and "Use table names in formulas" options are both turned on. When I click the cell in step 3, the TableTools tab appears so Excel agrees that the cell is in a Table. Isn't Excel supposed to insert a Structured Reference when you click a cell in a Table? Is there another setup/configuration switch somewhere I need to turn on?
  • 3. Formula for selecting a varying cell reference
    I'm trying to tie 2 worksheets together. The first is a data entry sheet, set up by month. The second is a sheet that I want to pick up monthly data -- i.e., the most recent month of information entered on the data entry sheet. Is there a formula I can write in the monthly sheet that will look at the data entry sheet and go to the last monthly column that has data and retrieve that? I guess I'm thinking like a flowcharting yes/no process starting in December -- i.e.,: Is December blank? Yes -- go to November; No -- use this data -- etc., etc., etc. Any ideas? Thanks!
  • 4. My arrow keys do not seem to be functioning properly. Any ideas?
    In a spreadsheet, when I use arrows, the spreadsheet will move to other rows/columns but my control is still in the same cell. (i,e, if I left-arrow in D5, the spreadsheet changes but I am still in D5). Very strange. Any ideas? Is there some "control" key I might have hit in error?
  • 5. Selecting Multiple Shapes and Lines
    In Excel 2003, lines and shapes could easily be selected by clicking on the arrow in the drawings menu and drawings a box around the objects. I am now using Excel 2007, but have not found anywhere to change the coursor from the standard cross to a pointer. Is this one of the features that did not get transfered over, or have I just not found it yet? Thanks for the help.

underlines not printing

Postby SnVsaWVG » Sat, 05 Apr 2008 02:10:02 GMT

We are having a problem with Excel 2007. Underlines show on the print preview 
of a document, but do not print on paper. Any ideas??

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