underlines not printing


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    I want to link 2 workbooks together by saying something along the lines of .. If Cell A3 in sheet one is the same as A3 in sheet 2 place the contents of G3 in sheet one into X3 in Sheet 2 And want the formula to be able to use all the data in the A,G and X columns (600+ cells) Is this possible?
  • 2. How can I capture the last date a file was saved in the footer
    I'm looking for a way to capture the date a file was last updated in an Excel spreadsheet. If a file was last updated 3 days ago, I want to see that date, not the date the file was printed.
  • 3. Dialog Box for un-connected links
    Does anyone have any suggestions on dialog box for un-connected links? My worksheet contains one or more links, which cannot be reloaded the connection, once I click and edit the link, I find the status for the source file - OK. I get no idea why excel pop up the dialog box for un-connected links. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to disable this dialog box? Thanks in advance for any suggestions Eric
  • 4. Count Highlighted numbers in an area
    I have a tough and unusual question that I'm not sure can be done. I have a spreadsheet that has different cells highlighted in two different colors. I am trying to add up the number of times a highlighted number (of the two colors) appear in a section. I am trying to search A1..AS2 , A4..E26, F4..O8. The two colors to look for are: Color index= 39 or 4 Pattern= xlsolid I am looking for a total of highlighted numbers that include both colors. The numbers I would be searching for are from 1-9 and I would like to find out how many 1's, 2's, 3's...etc. Example: #1= 4 times #2= 6 times #3= 0 times #4= 2 times
  • 5. Macro needed to pull data from one worksheet and enter it in a
    all rows will have the checkbox but they may or may not be checked. are you saying record a macro using the autofilter? -- problem "Dave Peterson" wrote: > Are you going to put a checkbox on every row you want copied? > > If you are, then how about an alternative? > > Add an extra indicator column (new column A???) to your data. > Put an X in that column if you want to copy the row. > Then apply data|filter|autofilter to that column. > Show the rows with X's > Copy the visible rows and paste to the new worksheet. > === > Select the range to copy > in xl2007, hit F5|Special|visible cells only > Edit|copy > then off to the new sheet and Edit|paste > > If you really need a macro, you can record one when you do it manually. > > bigproblem wrote: > > > > if a checkbox is selected how can i move data from one worksheet (1) into to > > another worksheet (2). > > > > if b9 is checked (or any checkbox in column b). i want to copy the data in > > that row to sheet2. > > > > is there a macro that i can use? > > > > -- > > problem > > -- > > Dave Peterson >

underlines not printing

Postby SnVsaWVG » Sat, 05 Apr 2008 02:10:02 GMT

We are having a problem with Excel 2007. Underlines show on the print preview 
of a document, but do not print on paper. Any ideas??

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