underlines not printing


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    Excel 2000, 9.0.4402 SR-1 Deleting a row that contains a referenced cell results in a #REF! error at the referencing cell. But I think that's not how it's supposed to work. Take this sample worksheet, consisting of 4 rows and 3 columns: [1] =a2 =a3 =a4 [2] 111 [3] 222 [4] 333 When you enter the cell contents as shown above, the worksheet displays this: [1] 111 222 333 [2] 111 [3] 222 [4] 333 Now delete row [3]. This results in cell C1 being changed from "=a4" to "=a3", and cell B1 being marked as in error. It displays like this: [1] 111 $REF! 333 [2] 111 [3] 333 But that's not what the help text says. Unter the heading "Delete cells, rows, or columns", it says: "... Excel keeps formulas up to date by adjusting absolute references to the shifted cells to reflect their new locations. However, a formula that refers to a deleted cell displays the #REF! error value." The help text talks about *absolute* references. This implies, that relative references should be left alone. I would have expected this result: [1] 111 333 [2] 111 [3] 333 Is this a bug in the code, or in the help text? How can I achieve the effect I want? Greg

underlines not printing

Postby SnVsaWVG » Sat, 05 Apr 2008 02:10:02 GMT

We are having a problem with Excel 2007. Underlines show on the print preview 
of a document, but do not print on paper. Any ideas??

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