underlines not printing


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  • 1. change of currency in excel
    Excel 2003 - has automatically changed its currency format in the main program from Australian Dollars to Euro. I have the Euro symbol present and all cells format in Euro. How can I change the program back to Aust.Dollars as a standard setting in the program? I do not want to have to change the format every time I open a new worksheet.
  • 2. Conditional Formatting Applied when Statement Not True
    I have the following for a conditional formatting statement for a row Formula Is =AND(ISBLANK)$L7),(TODAY()>$J7)) in order to highlight the row yellow when the Date Closed cell (L7) for the item is blank and the Closure Due Date (J7) has passed. The row is highlighting when it is completely blank, with no data filled in. I have only the headers typed in the appropriate columns, and am using the format painter to format all my rows, and they are all highlighting yellow... I have two other conditions set up with two other colors. The one giving me the issue is Condition 2. Condition 1: Formula Is =$L7<>"" So that the row highlights grey once the item has a Date Closed entered. Condition 3: Formula Is =OR($F7>(TODAY()+730),ISBLANK($F7)) So that the row highlights orange if the last time the item has been serviced was more than two years ago or there is no record of when it was last serviced (F7 being the date of last service). Any idea why Condition 2 is coming up True, and highlighting yellow, when the row is completely blank and there is no information to determine if the condition is True or False? Thanks, Deanna
  • 3. LOOKUP function between two dates in Excel 2007
    I have two spreadsheets with insurance claims data. The first sheet lists effective policy start and end dates and applicable deductable amounts. The second sheet is a listing of actual claims dates (I have approximately 10,000 total). I need to create a function column B of Sheet 2 in Excel similar to a VLOOKUP that will pull the applicable Deducable_Amt to Sheet 2:Claims Data (column B) from Sheet 1:Policy Data (column C) sheet based on if the Claim_Date (column B) falls within the Start_Date and End_Date (columns A & B) on Sheet 1. For example, if the claim was filed on 10/01/2000 (column A sheet 2), since the date falls between 09/01/2000 and 08/31/2001 (columns A & B sheet 1), it will return $50,000 (column C, sheet 1) to the Deductable_Amt (column B, sheet 2). Sheet 1: Policy Data: A B C Start_Date End_Date Deductable_Amt 09/01/2000 08/31/2001 $50,000 09/01/2001 12/31/2002 $55,000 01/01/2003 11/30/2004 $60,000 12/01/2004 12/31/2006 $70,000 Sheet 2: Claims Data A B Claim_Date Deductable_Amt 10/01/2000 ??? 12/15/2001 ??? 07/01/2002 ??? 09/17/2003 ??? 11/30/2004 ??? 02/21/2006 ??? Any ideas?

underlines not printing

Postby SnVsaWVG » Sat, 05 Apr 2008 02:10:02 GMT

We are having a problem with Excel 2007. Underlines show on the print preview 
of a document, but do not print on paper. Any ideas??

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