underlines not printing


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    My question to someone with experience in excel is this. We are trying to import data that is dumped from a source to a destination and thn generate reports on certain criteria within our workbook. We want to be able to analyze Volume on our phone switches which would include multiple metrics. My question is excel the best choice for this or would a DB be more efficient @ this task. The problem we run into with Access is the file name length of 64 characters Max. some of our dumped files exceed these lenghts.. Any insight would be highly appreciated
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    I generated some raw data and want to delimit it out. Unfortunately, when the data was created, little boxes appeared in front of them. I can manually delete them, but there are over 10,000 records. Here is an example of the data: " 3598297 A 12/27/05 12/31/05 DISCHG 19,708.00 .00 19,708.00 4" " 3598327 A 12/27/05 0/00/00 INHOUSE 28,929.00 50.00 28,879.00 5" " 3591800 A 12/14/05 0/00/00 INHOUSE 12,682.00 .00 12,682.00 18" Can you help me. Thank you
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    A footnote: I am expecting a response from Dave / Gord / Rag / Biff / Max / Gary / Bob / ???? With humble regards, Jaleel "Jaleel" wrote: > I have an Excel File with the range of A1:AR35. I need some formula in the > range AM6:AR35. The requirement is to get the results according to the > credit terms of the Clients like 30 days, 45 days, 60 days, 90 days and > whichever payment is overdue in the columns with the heading as follows: > > Not Due "Overdue < 30 days" "Overdue30 - 60 days" "Overdue 60 - 90 days" > "Overdue 90 - 120 days" "Overdue > 120 days" > > It is a Client Position file, which I cannot describe through this. If > anybody can help me I can send the file through email. Please, it is > prestige issue. > > Jaleel > XXXX@XXXXX.COM > > > >
  • 4. copying information from rows to columns
    You asked for instructions to *copy*, and that's what DannyS gave you. What you're describing here is actually looking to *link* cells, since you want changes in the original cells to be reflected in the "other" cells. This formula can be entered *anywhere*, and copied down as needed: =INDEX(RN!$6:$6,ROWS($1:2)) -- HTH, RD --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please keep all correspondence within the NewsGroup, so all may benefit ! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "ked" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > Hi Danny: > I tried this however it doesn't completely work for me, because I notice > when I change a date in the original sheet RN it doesn't copy into the > sheet > ALL that I copied to. Any suggestions? > > "DannyS" wrote: > >> Copy your rows, then click in the destination cell where you want to >> copy. >> Select Edit | Paste special. Tick the transpose box, then hit ok. >> >> "ked" wrote: >> >> > I am trying to copy the data in row 6 in a spreadsheet - data range - >> > b6:aq6 >> > in worksheet RN to the destination of column T in worksheet ALL. I am >> > not >> > being successful in making it copy across - can this be done?
  • 5. Automatic Number Formula
    Hi, Pinmaster, thanks for your response. I tried the formula you suggested but instead of numbering each cell with the word "invoice" as 1, 2, 3, etc., it just gave me the total count of cells with the word "invoice". "pinmaster" wrote: > Hi, > > Try: > > =COUNTIF(A:A,"invoice") > > HTH > Jean-Guy > > "FJ" wrote: > > > Hi, I need to create an automatic numbering formula in Excel that will work > > as follows: For every row that has the word "Invoice" in cell A1, I want > > cell C1 to number automatically. There are also blank rows in the > > spreadsheet, and there will be rows added and deleted from time to time. Is > > there any way to write a formula to automatically number something like this, > > updating the numbering when rows are added and deleted? I've tried various > > "IF" and "COUNT" formulas, but to no avail. I hope I've explained this > > clearly. Thanks in advance for any information. :)

underlines not printing

Postby SnVsaWVG » Sat, 05 Apr 2008 02:10:02 GMT

We are having a problem with Excel 2007. Underlines show on the print preview 
of a document, but do not print on paper. Any ideas??

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