underlines not printing


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    Hi. I have a spreadsheet with almost 5000 rows with about 15 columns of data, 2 columns of which contain sentences, phrases, or paragraphs of comments entered by users. What I need to have as an end result is a list of all unique words found in those two columns, along with the number of occurrences of each word. I will then use this to further analyze the data in the spreadsheet. Right now, I do this manually and it takes a VERY long time for me to do so (over 200 man-hours). So, I really need to automate this somehow. The problem is, I have no idea how to begin, because the words will not be by themselves in their own cell (so I cant use the auto filter functions, pivot tables, or anything else I can think of), but will be part of groups of words or symbols within multiple cells. I think this will need to be done programmatically with code, scripts, macros, or some other method with which I am not familiar, but I am just not sure. Can anyone help me with this? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Is there anything already built in to excel to do this? - James.
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    I have a large (18mb) dense worksheet, of which I print the first tab which is full of graphs. On set of graphs displays correctly on screen, but when I print, these graphs' lines are slightly off (small but noticeable amounts). It was printing correctly before on earlier drafts of the document. This happens if I print or print to pdf. To troubleshoot I tried using different printers and installing different printer drivers. I tried changing the print processor from RAW to EMF. No luck. Any other suggestions? Thanks
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    I want to use a sheet titled "Summary" to populate data in 100+ existing worksheets within the same workbook. "Summary" contains a list of names and dates. I want the first sheet after "Summary" to pull the first name and date from the list, the second sheet to pull the second name and date, and so on - like this: Sheet titled "Person 1" cell A1 =Summary!$B3 cell E1 =Summary!$A3 Sheet titled "Person 2" cell A1 =Summary!$B4 cell E1 =Summary!$A4 Sheet titled "Person 3" cell A1 =Summary!$B5 cell E1 =Summary!$A5 Is there a way to copy the formula across all 100+ sheets, changing the row referenced on the "Summary" sheet?
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    I have a spreadsheet with same income/expense line items (rows) for each of the 12 months. Each sheet has the same row line items and each sheet has the same 12 columns for months. I have 3 years of data : 2007, 2008, and 2009. Each year is its own sheet. I want to make a summary sheet where a month/year is entered and 3 columns are displayed: the same line items for month A 2009 adjacent to the same line items for month A 2008, and the same line items for month A 2007. Since sheet name and row are set the only real variable is month. I can compute the column portion of cell address by using char(65) + month(selected month/year) but what I get is a cell whose contents are the computed address rather than the contents of the computed cell address. I tried using cell("contents", with computed address but I just get errors). Am I violating an Excel law by computing a cell address and trying to load the contents of that cell into the same cell where the address was computed? Does this require a macro? Our local expert is stumped. Office 2007 Excel Vista
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    How do you highlight a row where the following 2 criteria are met: There are 2 columns with different numbers in each column, say about 100 rows of data. How to create a lookup/conditioning formatting in order to Highlight the row only if BOTH columns meet the following criteria: 1. Column A value equals 38 AND 2. Column B value is greater than 0.25

underlines not printing

Postby SnVsaWVG » Sat, 05 Apr 2008 02:10:02 GMT

We are having a problem with Excel 2007. Underlines show on the print preview 
of a document, but do not print on paper. Any ideas??

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