Is military time available in Excel? If so, how would I calcu



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Re: Is military time available in Excel? If so, how would I calcu

Postby dGltcA » Mon, 14 Feb 2005 04:35:04 GMT

basic spreadsheet as follows:
0800 start time, 1200pm end time, total time
These blocks of time represent jobs, and there will be 4 jobs on one sheet.

how do I format the cells (i.e., by number, time, general)

Re: Is military time available in Excel? If so, how would I calcu

Postby Peo Sjoblom » Mon, 14 Feb 2005 05:20:38 GMT

You can use the formula I provided, replace B1 with your end time cell and 
A1 with your start time cell
format as hh:mm to get time excel can understand


Peo Sjoblom

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