how to block stuff?



  • 1. downloading saved OE e mails
    I saved e mails from various local folders in OE to floppy disc before I did a complete reboot to my computer. Can some one please tell me how, once I have got the files up on A drive, I get them to reinstalled back in the relevent OE local files that are now lying empty. The files that I saved are .dbx files. TIA
  • 2. Error 117 Remote Access Manager fails to start
    Already replied to. See your other, earlier thread. Why the duplicate message? This is not an "instant messaging" reply forum. -- Jim Pickering, MVP-Outlook Express Please reply only to newsgroup. "myronwms(NoSpam)" <"myronwms(NoSpam)"> wrote in message news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... >A friend's WinXP hung on the reactivation screen. Three days later it >turned into a pumpkin. I reinstalled WinXP Home and that problem corrected. >Activation by telephone went smoothly. But now when attempting to >re-establish her email accounts I get a message in the Internet Connection >Wizard that the Remote Access Manager (I don't recall hiring him!) cannot >start due to a configuration error. The error log points to an error 117 >which indicates the RAM cannot establish its buffers. > > Her ISP's technician says I can reformat the HD and reinstall -- not > desirable because of a dual boot in that partition-- or hack some registry > settings which he couldn't provide. > > Can anyone confirm? Point me to the registry tweaks? > > Thanks, > > Myron E. Williams >
  • 3. Dropdown menu containing Add to Favorites
    When someone gives me an email with a web page to look at (hyperlink?) I could right click on it, get a dropdown menu and click on Add to Favorites to look at the web page later on. Now when I right click there is no Add to Favorites in the drop down menu. I can do Alt,V,H and then I get a drop down menu containing Add to Favorites. But its just for that one email. It seems to have happened since installing WinXP SP2. How do I restore the words Add to Favorites into the drop down menu please?
  • 4. Outlook is automatically presented
    If I click on a link in a webpage for sending an email, outlook automatically opens. I don't use outlook - just OE. Is there a way I can get the system to route me to Outlook express in such cases? Bill

how to block stuff?

Postby FrankV » Sun, 27 Jul 2003 21:09:48 GMT

I don't seem able to block an email  that has, say "viagra" in it - eith in
the subject or the body of the message. I believe I have all my settings
correct, but these stupid messages are still getting through. What's wrong?
Frank V

how to block stuff?

Postby FrankV » Mon, 28 Jul 2003 03:42:23 GMT

I don't seem able to block an email  that has, say "viagra" in it - eith in
the subject or the body of the message. I believe I have all my settings
correct, but these stupid messages are still getting through. What's wrong?
Frank V

how to block stuff?

Postby Barry » Wed, 30 Jul 2003 05:09:32 GMT

I hate to tell you , but the emails that are getting 
through have an image file with the words viagra and the 
email filter will not be abe to detect that.

Now if Mr. Gates would allow us to block all email that 
contains embedded images we would get NO JUNK MAIL!

say "viagra" in it - eith in
all my settings
through. What's wrong?

Re: how to block stuff?

Postby Kath » Wed, 30 Jul 2003 05:34:44 GMT

Try these links for help.
 http://www.**--****.com/ ~majik/messagerules.htm 

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