Configure for Hotmail Acct ?



  • 1. Problem compacting messages (not the usual one)
    Our users all run Outlook Express 6 with their store root redirected to a network location (yes, I know it's not supported but that's how it's got to be!) via a login script that changes the storeroot registry key. They are unable to compact folders and just receive the "The folder is currently in use by Outlook Express or another application" msgbox. I've already tried the stuff mentioned in numerous other posts (going offline, selecting the tree root in folder view first, etc) without any luck, so the only conclusion I can come to is that using a network share is the problem. Is there any way around this? Are there any command-line tools that can be scheduled to run and compact overnight? Thanks for any help you can give Paul
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    Hi, I tried to send a message to a group of 11 people with valid e-mail addresses. The message was sent but the recipients never received the message. What could have gone wrong. Thanks. Ulli
  • 3. Problem of expanded folders persists
    Thanks TAJ for trying to solve my problem, but removing the check from "automatically show folders with un-read messages" in tools/options/general tab didn't solve the problem. Whenever I open my outlook express my folders are still all expanded, even though I had contracted them before closing O.E. This problem suddenly appeared yesterday and has never happened before. I've looked everywhere for the answer, but can't find it. I know this is not a huge problem but I have a lot of sub- folders and having them all displayed all the time reduces the utility of my O.E. Thanks in advance for help.
  • 4. oe6 mail does not respond in an ie6 site
    I can not use oe6 mail from an ie6 site. I tried to follow the directions to set up oe6 so I could send a link from ie6. My mail under accounts in oe6 is set as default. When in oe6, I tried to perform tools/options/general/default messaging programs/default, the "make default" is already greyed out beside "this application is the default mail handler", so I can not click on it. I assume everything is ok. However, when I am in an oe6 site and click on mail, nothing happens when I select read mail, new message, send a link, or send a page. An oe window does not open up. Do you know the solution to my problem. Thanks for your help.
  • 5. IE help! Please, I get an error!
    Ok, I have the latest IE along w/ Mozilla. I installed Mozila over 2mos ago, so it's not the prob. Today morning IE was working perfectly fine, and then now when I try to use IE I get an error. I use Win Xp Home, anyway. This is the error i get- Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close.... And then when you go to "more details" you get a bunch of code and then it says that it needs to attach "C:\DOCUME~1\Nakul\LOCALS~1\Temp\WER46.tmp.dir00\appcompat.txt". I press Don't Send. I get- An error had occured in Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer will now close. If you continue to exp. probs. please restart your computer. I did that 5 times yet it still does the same thing. If I send to error report, I still get the same error! PLEASE HELP!! PLEASE E-MAIL ME A SOLUTION!!!

Configure for Hotmail Acct ?

Postby Shelly F » Mon, 09 May 2005 13:17:35 GMT

How do I add another e-mail address for OE6 to check mail?

Re: Configure for Hotmail Acct ?

Postby » Mon, 09 May 2005 14:45:30 GMT

How did you add the first one? 

Re: Configure for Hotmail Acct ?

Postby Kath Adams » Mon, 09 May 2005 16:23:42 GMT

If you have never used the Hotmail account with Outlook Express 
previously, then it won't work if you add it now. Hotmail have removed 
this facility with new Hotmail accounts.
Kath Adams
MS MVP - Windows (IE/OE)

Re: Configure for Hotmail Acct ?

Postby Peter » Mon, 09 May 2005 17:58:38 GMT

f it's a new free Hotmail account it wont work. If it's an old account set
up prior to Sep '04 or a paid account then read this extract:
We realize that this e-mail message is lengthy, but please read the entire
message below because the answer to your question may be included.

Within this message is information on:

I. How to Get Started with Hotmail Offline
II. How to Synchronize your Hotmail Account with Outlook Express
III. How to Send a Message in Outlook Express
IV. How to Use Outlook Express to Save Messages on your Computer's Hard
Disk Drive
V. How to Remove your Hotmail Account from Outlook Express
VI. Still Didn't Solve Your Problem?

I. How to Get Started with Hotmail Offline

1. In Outlook Express, on the "Tools" menu, click "Accounts".
2. In the "Internet Accounts" dialog box, click the "Add" button.
3. Click "Mail" to open the Internet Connection Wizard, and then follow the
instructions to configure your existing Hotmail account. You need only your
Hotmail sign-in name and password.

II. How to Synchronize your Hotmail Account with Outlook Express

With Hotmail Offline, you can synchronize Hotmail and Outlook Express to
keep the messages on your hard disk drive and your online account
coordinated and up to date. If you change your Hotmail account through
Outlook Express (move messages, create or delete folders, or compose a new
message), these changes appear in both programs. With synchronization,
Outlook Express downloads new messages from your Hotmail account to Outlook

III. How to Send a Message in Outlook Express

1. In the Outlook Express folders list, click your Hotmail Inbox.
2. On the toolbar, click the "New Mail" button.
3. In the "To" or "Cc" boxes, type the e-mail name of each recipient,
separating names with a comma or semicolon.
4. In the "Subject" box, type a message title.
5. Compose your message in the text box, and then click the "Send" button.
Note: The message is not sent until you synchronize.

IV. How to use Outlook Express to Save Messages on Your Computer's Hard Disk

You can use Outlook Express to store Hotmail messages on your computer and
never worry about exceeding the Hotmail size limit.

1. In Outlook Express, under the "Local Folders" list, click "Local
2. Click "File", point to "New", and then click "Folder".
3. In the text box under "Folder", type a name for the new folder. Your new
folder appears in the list under "Local Folders".
4. Drag messages from your Hotmail Inbox in Outlook Express to the new
When you follow this procedure, you are removing e-mail messages from your
Hotmail server and moving the messages to your hard disk drive, reducing the
size of your Hotmail account. You can now view the messages in the new
Outlook Express folder any time you launch Outlook Express--you need not be
signed in to Hotmail to see the messages.

V. How to Remove your Hotmail Account from Outlook Express

You can remove your Hotmail account from Outlook Express in two ways:
- Right-click the account and click "Remove Account".
- On the "Tools" menu, click "Accounts", select the Hotmail account, and
click the "Remove" button.

Your Hotmail account is not deleted permanently. You have only remo

Re: Configure for Hotmail Acct ?

Postby N. Miller » Tue, 10 May 2005 00:18:21 GMT

If you have never used that Hotmail account with MSOE prior to Sept. 24,
2004, or so, and it isn't a MSN Hotmail Plus account, it will not work.

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~Fin dein a loluca, En dragu a sei lain
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Re: Configure for Hotmail Acct ?

Postby Shelly F » Tue, 10 May 2005 12:37:09 GMT

On Sat, 07 May 2005 21:17:35 -0700, Shelly F

thanx to Kath, Peter, N. Miller

Re: Configure for Hotmail Acct ?

Postby N. Miller » Fri, 13 May 2005 00:51:10 GMT

On 11 May 2005 at 6:31, in email message

1.) Free MSN Hotmail accounts created subsequent to Sept. 24, 2004 can't be
used with MS Outlook Express.

2.) Free MSN Hotmail accounts created prior to Sept. 24, 2004 can't be used
with MS Outlook Express.

3.) Free MSN Hotmail accounts created prior to Sept. 24, 2004, and
configured for access with MS Outlook Express prior to Sept. 24, 2004 can
continue to be accessed with MS Outlook Express until MSN decides

4.) All MSN Hotmail Plus accounts, which cost $19.95US per year, can be
configured to use MS Outlook Express.

P.S. I see my your headers that you use MS Outlook Express as your news

X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2900.2180

Did you know that you hit the "Reply" (to Sender) button instead of the
"Reply Group" button? Was that your intention? Every news client that I
have used, except MS Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird, has a
keyboard shortcut for creating a "Followup" message, or "Reply Group"

FortFree Agent (and, presumably, the paid version), XNews, Super Gravity,
and 40tude Dialog (which I am currently using) all start a followup article
by tapping the 'F' key.

I consider the placement of the buttons in MSOE to be problematic, though
you could use the MSOE Customize feature to separate the buttons, making
such an error less likely.

If it was intentional, then it was somewhat misdirected; I did not need to
learn about the MSN Hotmail policies WRT MSOE, I already know them.

~Win dain a lotica, En vai tu ri, Si lo ta
~Fin dein a loluca, En dragu a sei lain
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