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  • 1. Tasks and Errors box won't hide automatically
    No, same thing only OP says it /won't/ close. Ted Zieglar wrote: > Could be we're thinking of different things. > > > "PA Bear" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message > news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > > Come again? > > > > Ted Zieglar wrote: > > > If you're referring to what I think you're referring to, this is an > > > annoyance for me as well. The trick is to click on the Hide button > > > before the window closes by itself. You'll need to be fast on the > > > draw. > > > > > > > said it all in the title actually but to expand a little, I have > > > > several accounts checked when I click on Send/Recv and, until > > > > recently, when all had been checked the Tasks and Errors box would > > > > automatically hide (assuming no errors). Now it doesn't and I > > > > wished it still did, pathetic I know but I like things to stay the > > > > same. > > > > > > > > Any help or guidance would be appreciated. > > > > > > > > Thanks, > > > > > > > > Mike
  • 2. Outlook Express missind in Set Programs Access and Defaults
    When I choose send to>mail recipient> I get choose profile in Microsoft outlook. I don't get outlook express at all anymore. I tried to set it as a default in program access and defaults and it is not even there. What can I do? Please help.
  • 3. Partage de Outlook
    Connaissez vous le moyen de partager entre 2 utilisateurs XP (d'un me ordi bien-s) Outlook express afin que les e-mail s'ouvrent simultanent sur les 2 bureaux. J'espe que je suis clair -- Dalilah
  • 4. Forwarding mail using message rules
    Hello Group, Here is the problem I have at my company: I use outlook express. I have both an external email address (lets call it XXXX@XXXXX.COM ) and an internal email address (lets call it "john"). I receive emails from external sources that come to my XXXX@XXXXX.COM address. Some of these are for other staff that do not have external addresses, only internal addresses and all of the internal addresses are the individuals first names. Is there any way that I can forward the email automatically. The only way that I can conceive of doing it would be to somehow change the "from" to my internal address and use a message rule to forward it to specific individuals. We will be changing to Outlook in the near future. Will that make any difference? Thanks in advance! Cheers!

Folder Bar

Postby Blaine Harris » Sat, 22 Oct 2005 02:02:47 GMT

When I click on the folder bar to look at the list of newsgroups I'm 
subscribed to some of the newsgroups are bolded with a number next to them 
that tells me how many messages are not downloaded.  How do I get these 
messages to down load?  I am set to download 500 headers/messages at a time 
and some of these newsgroups only have 10 - 20 messages in them.

Re: Folder Bar

Postby Jim Pickering » Sat, 22 Oct 2005 02:20:37 GMT

Bolding indicates that there are "unread" messages in the folder.  As for 
the number in parentheses, it is only an estimate based on the reference ID 
for the messages on the server and as such, it is often incorrect. 
Recommend you uncheck the option to only download 500 messages at a time, as 
that option is believed to contribute to the problem you are seeing.
Jim Pickering, MVP, Outlook Express
Please deliver feedback to the newsgroup, so that others can be helped.

Re: Folder Bar

Postby Blaine Harris » Sun, 23 Oct 2005 08:07:39 GMT

Thanks for your reply.
I unchecked the box to only download 500 messages.  I've tried resyncing and 
get additional headers.  Its still telling me that I have a number of unread 
messages.  It isn't keeping me from participating in the news groups, I'm 
just curious as to what is causing this and how to stop it.

Re: Folder Bar

Postby Jim Pickering » Sun, 23 Oct 2005 09:21:12 GMT

It's a problem with the info in the reference headers.  There is no fix 
other than to ignore the info which is often wrong.  One other choice would 
be to try a reset and redownload of all messages and see if that possible 
fixes the annoyance.
Jim Pickering, MVP, Outlook Express
Please deliver feedback to the newsgroup, so that others can be helped.

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