Multiple Identities in OE6



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Multiple Identities in OE6

Postby Colin » Mon, 27 Oct 2003 18:05:25 GMT

I'm running OE6 on Windows ME.

My original email address is now attracting >200 spam a 
day (did some silly things in the mid 90s).  So I set up 
an additional identity under OE6 with the same ISP and 
account, but with a separate email address.  The plan was 
to tell all my main contacts to use the new email address, 
but leave the old address active for a while in case there 
were some occasional incoming messages I wanted to catch 
and advise of the change.  Then I'd close the old address.

Trouble is ... I now have two separate email addresses, 
operating off the same account, but there doesn't seem to 
be any gateways stopping the old email address getting 
mail addressed to the new address - and vice versa.  I 
wanted to avoid running (and paying for) two entirely 
separate email accounts.

Is there something I'm missing?

Many thanks

Re: Multiple Identities in OE6

Postby Kath Adams » Mon, 27 Oct 2003 18:14:55 GMT

Are they actually two individual email addresses or aliases?
Are you paying for seperate addresses with your ISP?

Use Message Rules to filter your mail where the two addresses are
aliases for the same mailbox.

(Courtesy of PA Bear ) -
E.g.,  XXXX@XXXXX.COM  and  XXXX@XXXXX.COM  are aliases for one mailbox.  In the
Identity associated with  XXXX@XXXXX.COM , create a Message Rule stating,
"Where To contains  XXXX@XXXXX.COM , Do not download it from the server and
Stop processing more rules" (The last phrase is important!) and place
this rule at the very top of the list.

Then create a similar rule for the Identity associated with  XXXX@XXXXX.COM 
directing any messages addressed to  XXXX@XXXXX.COM  to not be downloaded from
the server.

Kath Adams
MS MVP - Windows (IE/OE)
Please use Reply Group when responding and not Reply All.

Multiple Identities in OE6

Postby Brian » Tue, 28 Oct 2003 01:51:04 GMT

with you send addresses.  Otherwise it will send out your 
mail with your default address name.  To find out you 
will need to click on tools and then accounts.  Then 
click on the mail tab.  Next you will click on the 
identity that you want to keep.  click on properties.  On 
the general tab you will see the email address and the 
reply address.  Make sure that they are the same.  Then 
click OK.  Then click on the other address and do the 
same thing to it.  Then when you send out an e-mail, make 
sure on the send to address bar, that you use the right 
identity.  There should be an arrow down button. click on 
it and you will be able to chose the identity that you 

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