• 1. Problem with outbox and attachments
    I realized to late that I tried to send to big an attachment and the message is "stuck" in the outbox. It stops responding every time it tries to send it. I'm not sure what to do in order to stop it from trying to send. Every time I open up the outbox, OE freezes and stops responding. Then I have to shut the whole program down. Any help?
  • 2. how does OE work in XP Home with 2 users?
    If I Sync All while logged on as Lisa, can Gerry then log in and Sync All and get the same emails and messages? What about deleting, marked read, etc?? Or do both of us have to read all email, NG messages from one user's account? Can we subscribe to different NG's in our different profiles? Only one ISP here, the same shared email account. Thanks!! ...Lisa
  • 3. Text Disappears While Typing
    My wife had a perstent problem which drives her crazy. About once or twice a week, she'll be typing text into a message on a reply. Then, she hits some key or key combination which makes the entire lettter she's typed so far disappear. When she tries the "undo" button, it brings back the earliest parts of the letter, but usually the last paragraph is missing. I'm assuming there's some key combination (alt - shift - control + something else or backspace) which does this. But she's a fast typist, and can't tell which key did it. Any suggestions? -- Paul Tholfsen Bellingham, WA XXXX@XXXXX.COM
  • 4. Local folders missing in Outlook Express
    Periodically my local email folders are missing and any email in my inbox are gone. I noticed that a new identity profile was also created. How do you stop this from happening & how do I get the old email's back? Regards, Brian
  • 5. Showing number of messages in all folders
    How can this be done? Unread are always indicated but i would like to have a total number of messages in each folder


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Re: popl

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Greetings to you, too.  Come on back when you have something to say or 

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1.[PS] Provide popl/pushl as standard aliases for Pop-Location and Push-Location

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Vote on it if you're interested. :)

The Pop-Location and Push-Location cmdlets are useful but do not have 
PS-standard aliases - just the legacy pushd and popd.
This is a fairly minor issue since the aliases are very similar to what 
people would expect, but as people become familiar with the standard 
aliasing scheme they will expect pushl and popl to be the correct aliases. 
We might as well provide them now. 



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