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  • 1. Latency Time / Microsoft
    Of late - the last few days - OE seems to be taking and incredible time to "hook" to the server, particularly toward the afternoon hours. We receive a number of "server did not understand request" message, yet all our other e-mail accounts appear fine. Is this only our experience. We're on high-speed and our SP is getting complaints along the same line. Any thoughts, are there adjustments we need to make to our programming?
  • 2. explorer/outlook close when connected to internet
    Outlook express 6 and internet explorer 6 both give an error in (unknown) and close when either connect to the internet. Everthing else not connected with the internet is fine. o/s is windows ME which I tried installing over the top but Outlook/exolrer didn't seem to re-install. Any ideas? Thanks.
  • 3. Upg Mainbd - Now I get errors sending mail
    Win2K System, all updates - Upgraded mainboard from 850E Chipset to 865PE Chipset, fought and defeated "STOP - INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE" error (had to reinstall and repatch Win2K). Now, when I try to send an e-mail in OE6, the mail sends, but never leaves the outbox, and eventually I get a timeout on my SMTP server - I have 2 identities and both do this. Tried: Uninstalling OE, reinstalling it, and repatching. Deleting Outbox file. New Identity. R&R Network drivers. Can't seem to shake this - it's a minor annoyance, since the mail does go through, but I have to stop and delete any sent mail from outbox folder (In outlook express) before I can send/receive again. Only other difference I can think of is the old mainboard had a 3Com 3C905-TXNM 10/100 Network card, and this mainboard has a 3Com 3C940 Gigabit built-in network interface. Haven't really had any other networking problems, and noone else on the network has trouble.
  • 4. Importing Store Folder from CD
    I have just spent some time trying to come up with a good backup and restore system for OE6 and XP. I copied the .dbx files to CD, but when I tried to re import them, I kept getting a message saying it could not find any messages. I believe that CD files have a read only attribute, but why should this affect the "import" process - surely nothing is being written to the CD at this time of importing? Laura TD

file extension

Postby w3huw » Thu, 18 Sep 2003 03:03:09 GMT

I continue to get E-Mail attachments with the file extension .email which are
images but they open to text jibberish on my Win 98SE system. Does anyone
know what it takes to open a .email  file extension message?

Re: file extension

Postby PA Bear » Thu, 18 Sep 2003 03:14:18 GMT

SHIFT+Right-click on such an attachment>Open with>Choose Outlook Express
(msimn.exe) and check the "Always open with..." box.
HTH...Please post back to this thread

~Robear Dyer (aka PA Bear)
MS MVP-Windows (IE/OE)

Re: file extension

Postby w3huw » Thu, 18 Sep 2003 10:37:02 GMT

I don't follow your process. If I click on the E-Mail attachment I get
the choice to open or save. I do not find where I can do as you
describe. Please expand your answer.

Re: file extension

Postby w3huw » Thu, 18 Sep 2003 10:47:58 GMT

I did what you said and now it will do nothing at all. Will not even
open to jibberish.

Re: file extension

Postby PA Bear » Fri, 19 Sep 2003 07:23:38 GMT

Please describe the steps you took, Bob.

Was the .email attachment from an AOL subscriber?
HTH...Please post back to this thread

~Robear Dyer (aka PA Bear)
MS MVP-Windows (IE/OE)


Postby Wayne Marston » Tue, 07 Sep 2004 10:43:27 GMT

  Can someone help me find out the file extension for OE saved mail and
where it is located.



Postby Bruce Hagen » Tue, 07 Sep 2004 10:48:14 GMT

.dbx is the file.

Tools>Options>Maintenance>Store folder will reveal the location
of your Outlook Express files. Press the Tab key to highlight the 
folder location, then Ctrl+C. Close OE, then Start>Run>Ctrl+V will 
put the location in the box - Click OK and you'll see the OE files. 
Otherwise, write the location down and navigate to it in Windows 

In WindowsXP & 2K, the OE user files (DBX and WAB) are by default
marked as hidden. To view these files in Explorer, you must enable
Show Hidden Files and Folders under Start>Control Panel>Folder
Bruce Hagen


Postby PA Bear » Tue, 07 Sep 2004 10:58:34 GMT


Backup & Restore OE Data

OE Files & Settings

Importing OE Data
 http://www.**--****.com/ #importOE5
 http://www.**--****.com/ #importdbx

OE Freebie Backup

Using WinXP's FAST Wizard, by MVP Gary Woodruff
(Please read the caveats about Outlook Express)

~Robear Dyer (PA Bear) 

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WinXP SP2 Release Notes
 http://www.**--****.com/ ;en-us;835935

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Re:file extension

Postby ottzac » Fri, 13 May 2005 01:56:47 GMT

Thanks for all info, I downloaded Power point viewer from Microsoft(free)and 
it works 

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