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    Outlook 2003 SP2 BCM db running on SQL 2005 All my business and accounts contacts appear to be there but when I double click on any of them it gives a simple "Can't open this item" error every time. I have tried stopping and starting outlook, stopping and starting the instance that the BCM database resides on SQL 2005, backing up and restoring the BCM db to a newly created one yet I am still receiving the error. Any ideas?
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    Can it be done?

Outlook tutorial

Postby TWFuaWM2Nw » Wed, 23 Feb 2005 15:07:02 GMT

Is there a tutorial for Outlook 2002?  I read an entry where someone had used 
 one written for Outlook 2000.  If one exists for '02, please let me know how 
wto find it!  If not, does anyone have a recommendation as to how to learn to 
use Outloook, especially how to convert from an ISP mail client (Earthlink)?  
Thanks a million!

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