Business Project "Import and Export"



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    I created an email message in Word that I want to use for an email BCM Marketing Campaign. The greeting line is Dear <<Nickname>>, using the nickname field under Insert Merge Field command in the word Mailings ribbon. When I try to run the campaign I get this error message: "Invalid Merge Field: This field is used in the main document, but does not exist in the data source." I have verified that there is data in the nickname field for the selected contact in BCM. How do I fix this?
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    Where can I get hold of a copy of Business Contact Manager. I already have Office 2007 and would like to add BCM. Any ideas? Regards Peter
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    After a recent "Disc Cleanup" I am unable to access the BCF shared database files when opening Outlook 2007. I believe that the problem is that "Disc Cleaup" must have compressed the files and so now they are inaccessible. I do not know where to look or what the name of the files would be to try and find them and uncompress them; assuming that my hunch is correct. Anyone with any help is greatly appreciated!
  • 4. Auto Link Task to Contacts in BCM
    Recently upgraded a friend's OS from XP Home (running office 2007 SME with BCM) to Vista Home Premium with (same office) I had back up BCM database on XP and restore it after upgrade to VISTA. Under Windows Vista I no longer can link my existing tasks to the Business Manager Contact. ( had to to each task manully ) On a different machine Before formatting the HDD in XP, I made a back up of the old disks. So I restored the XP ( to a different Hard Disk to check the settings. Opening otulook has the following error: Business Contact for Outlook could not connect to the shared database. Do you want to work off line? I answered "NO" to above question Clicking Business Contact : The set of folders cound not be open. Store not configured. I had also restored BCM database to other spare computers, and the link to record could be be imported. Any suggestions to get the BCM to work correctly. The Vista machine is at the freind's office. I had his BCM on XP machines 1) Just importing the database => same as Vista cannotl ink to record 2) Retored from MT Backup (Microsoft Backup) ==> cant open BCM (Note: 20/20 I should have kept the old disk intact and use a new disk tfor the Vista. That is why I am here asking question.) I had on hand Back Up of Entire Disk and well as the PST file and BCM Database if required.
  • 5. Recovering Data From BCM 2007
    Frankly, I've had it with BCM... this is the third time it has mysteriously stopped working. My set up is not all that complicated and I do nothing particularly fancy. This time it just quit and I've spent DAYS on trying to get it working. The program shows up in Control Panel (SP2)... but it just won't open. Attempts to uninstall and reinstall are fruitless and I've tried every suggestion I've found. The installation Wizard just quits. Or I'll get to the point of selecting a new or existing DB and the program freezes when I try to either. The DB file(s) of contacts does, in fact exist--I can find it using Explorer. I want my data... I'd be thrilled to be able to import it into an Outlook and use it as a simple contact file... or even get it open as a spreadsheet... I don't care if I ever see BCM again. Any suggestions will be appreciated... please not the standard ones because I'm sure I've tried all of those -- some more than once.

Business Project "Import and Export"

Postby Vishnu Kumar O » Fri, 03 Aug 2007 03:36:28 GMT

Hi ,

I want to know  to import or Export the Busniess Project In BCM 2007.
For Example If I am using the Access to mantain my Project How to import 
this Project into BCM 2007.

vishnu Kumar 

Re: Business Project "Import and Export"

Postby Luther » Sat, 04 Aug 2007 00:43:33 GMT

I'm unclear on what you are trying to do. BCM projects, likes other
BCM entities can be imported and exported. But BCM projects are
different things from Access projects. Their only relationship is they
share the same name.

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Normally you can simply define a view a save it. However, in this case the 
hard part is that since you must have the Business Project page open to see 
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