Can I add BCM to my copy of Outlook 2007?



  • 1. Birthdate- Spouse
    I created a field for spouses birthdate and would like it to work like contact birthday works--ie it updates the outlook calendar with the birthdate and I can search it as a date.
  • 2. BCM is 20 years behind times
    What is the point of BCM? Many features of Outlook doesn't work on BCM, like Distribution Lists. Can you tell me how to move all my BCM contacts into Outlook Contacts and then get rid of the BCM?
  • 3. Distribution List won't stick in BCM
    I created a Distribution List in BCM. The List doesn't show up among my BCM contacts (supposed to have a group icon and be bold) and if I try to send an email and enter the name of the List in Send To, nothing shows up. Is this a shortcoming of BCM or my software has a problem?

Can I add BCM to my copy of Outlook 2007?

Postby QmFoYQ » Sun, 01 Jun 2008 06:26:01 GMT

My Brother gave me a copy of Outlook 2007.  I have outlook 2003 with buiness 
contact manger. If I upgrade my to my outlook 2007 can I add BCM. Can I buy 
that option separtely.

RE: Can I add BCM to my copy of Outlook 2007?

Postby Q2hhZCBKLg » Mon, 02 Jun 2008 11:52:00 GMT

You have to have Outlook 2007 w/BCM in order to get it. BCM does not come 

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