how sort business contacts pane in Accounts in Business Contac



  • 1. Granular Permissions
    You should look at MSCRM, as roles and permissions are a feature of that product. BCM is intended for users that don't want to manage those. All BCM users have access to all Account information. An alternative is to use SBA directly to enter the timecards. SBA has granular roles and permissions, although I don't think they're granular enough to set permissions per account. Matt wrote: > Are you able to place granular permissions on BCM. My goal is the following: > > First priority is to allow Contract Employees to ONLY enter time cards from > outlook, no view access to Business Accounts. > > Second, but not crucial, allow viewing rights to accounts that an employee > is assigned to. > > I am currently running Outlook 2007 with business contact manager integrated > with Small Business Accounting 2007. My database is on a central server, and > have owner rights to the database. > > Thanks in advance. > > matt
  • 2. How to programmatically create Opportunities with Products
    Does anyone know how to link an opportunity to a product list (like on the form). The outlook interface allows me to create an Opportunity, however, when you want to add the value of the opportunity i.e. , it always comes to zero. I've looked at the docs and I don't see anywhere where the product lists can be attached to an opportunity so that a final value of the opportunity is displayed. Does anyone have any code that attaches an Opportunity Product List to the Opportunity?
  • 3. Editing fields with dropdown lists
    I would like to be able to type into the Source of Lead field as the Help topic seems to indicate I can do: Source of lead Describe how you made this business contact or click the arrow, and then click the source in the list. but typing in the field only selects the closest item from the list. I can't seem to figure out how to change this behavior?

RE: how sort business contacts pane in Accounts in Business Contac

Postby UkFG » Sat, 24 Sep 2005 21:50:03 GMT

Thanks, SSinha, but still have a problem with sorting the Business Contacts 
pane within a given Account.  Each of the labels of the 3 columns (File As, 
Business Phone, Business Fax) can be clicked (they indent as is typical when 
sorting columns), but there is no change in the order.  Same if double-click. 
 If it helps any, I am running MS Office Outlook 2003 with Business Contact 
Manager SP1 (version: 1.00.2002.08) and regularly check for updates at MS.

Thanks again.  RAF

RE: how sort business contacts pane in Accounts in Business Contac

Postby UkFG » Mon, 26 Sep 2005 05:22:01 GMT


Thanks again for your response.  After further investigation, I found that 
issues in version 1.00...  have been addressed in v2.  (Interesting my new 
Dell Inspiron 6000 came with outdated version.  MS update did not notice that 
the new " Microsoft...Business Contact Manager Update" was not present.  
After it was installed, all is well.


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