BCM 2007 and MS Word 2007



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BCM 2007 and MS Word 2007

Postby cmxhc3Rhcg » Thu, 07 Jun 2007 02:23:00 GMT

I just imported my ACT database, but can't figure out how to write letters to 
a BCM contact or create MS Word templates for use with BCM contacts.  This is 
very simple to do in ACT and am hoping it simple in BCM also.  I've clicked 
on help in BCM, but can't find the answers.
Can anyone help me?

Re: BCM 2007 and MS Word 2007

Postby mrtimpeterson via OfficeKB.com » Thu, 07 Jun 2007 03:54:51 GMT


Most users would likely agree that there is no "simple" way to do this in BCM
comparable to the ACT workflow feature that you are familiar with.  After 4+
years with numerous mention of this topic by users, no one apparently among
the design team has noticed this difference enough to design a change.  You
will need to direct your search to learn about how to do a Word Mail merge
with Outlook to understand the difference.  BCM v. 3 now adds a multi-step
Marketing campaign feature but like many others, I fail to see the relevance
of using this still fairly complex process for a single, stand alone letter
template to a single contact.

There are numerous other posts within this newsgroup about this design
limitation topic for you do do a search on.

Best wishes,


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RE: BCM 2007 and MS Word 2007

Postby ZnVzaW9ubG9jaA » Thu, 07 Jun 2007 20:08:00 GMT

You can't do it directly from BCM - it has to be done from Word. In word on 
the ribbon select Mailings and Start Mail Merge, pick the type you want - 
letter etc. Now click Select Recipients and Select from Outlook Contacts, 
your then given the choice of accounts, Business contacts, contacts, 
accounts, business leads.

Selecting Busniess contacts then gives you a list of all the contacts you 
have - pick the one(s) you want and then you can access the Write and Insert 
Fields buttons - assuming you haven't created a template file first!!

Have a play and you should be able to sort it out.

RE: BCM 2007 and MS Word 2007

Postby ZnVzaW9ubG9jaA » Fri, 08 Jun 2007 01:31:01 GMT

If your referring to a mail merge scenario, then you have to start the 
process in Word 2007. Select Mailings on the Ribbon, pick Select Recipients 
and then Select from Outlook Contacts. When you do this Word will display a 
dialog with your accounts, business contacts etc. When you pick the item you 
want, you will have a further list of accounts / contacts etc and can then 
select the recipients of your letter.

Once this stage is complete you can create your letter and the Insert Merge 
button is no longer greyed out - allowing you to insert the merge fields.

RE: BCM 2007 and MS Word 2007

Postby ZnVzaW9ubG9jaA » Fri, 08 Jun 2007 18:12:01 GMT

If your referring to mail merge, you cannot start this from BCM - you have to 
start in Word 2007. Open Word, select Mailings, select Start Mail Marge and 
select the type you want, then Select Recipients - pick Select from Outlook 
contacts...this will then give you the choice of Accounts, Business Contacts 
etc etc.  Selecting Business Contacts will then give you the entire list of 
contacts - everyone selected, just unpick all and then pick the ones you 
really want.

Once done, you can insert the merge fields of your choice to create the 

Hope that helps.

RE: BCM 2007 and MS Word 2007

Postby SmltbXkgU3RhaGw » Sun, 10 Jun 2007 11:07:00 GMT

I did the same thing thinking I'd switch from ACT! , but after wasting hours 
trying to find how to send a letter, I ended up on this board. It is simply 
unbelievable that Microsoft Outlook requires a "Marketing campaign mail 
merge" wizard to set up a letter to a single contact. This fact alone is so 
pitiful, not to mention the pitiful integration with the new MS Accounting 
2007, that I am now disgusted and moving on to evaluate  recent releases of 
competitors. Did the dates of your ACT! notes import? No, the dates are all 
made the same as the day of import! What good is that? Its totally 
unacceptable to a person who must keep notes!

IMO about the ony thing Outlook has ever done well is email.
J5 XP Machines

RE: BCM 2007 and MS Word 2007

Postby mrtimpeterson via OfficeKB.com » Sun, 10 Jun 2007 11:17:58 GMT


If you are still desiring to move into an Outlook-centric environment for
your Contact Management needs and if you have concluded that BCM is not for
you, here is a link to something that may interest you:  www.avidian.com.
This solution has Sales Assistant and Workflow manager features that are very
similar to how ACT easily creates a letter template.

Best regards,


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RE: BCM 2007 and MS Word 2007

Postby dGhlZGNybWFu » Fri, 06 Jul 2007 23:24:03 GMT

I also switched from Act to Business Contact Manager 2007. What I have done 
is used the "Sales Letter Wizard Add-In" template from Word 2003. I then use 
that in Word (I open the Sales Wizard in the "New" and choose that Template) 
and use that to create the letter. I can add the date style, recipient info 
and closing lines. This is still bulky, but in my opinion far better and 
faster then a mail merge or campaign.

Once I create the letter, I attach it to the client or contact record. It 
works for me.

The real issue here is that my choice to move to MSBCM was not well placed. 
Act still blows it away in several areas. I can only hope that MS will work 
to make these basic tasks easier and more integrated. Now that I have 
switched, I really don't want to invest in going backwards.


Re: BCM 2007 and MS Word 2007

Postby Luther » Tue, 10 Jul 2007 12:52:30 GMT

On Jul 5, 7:24 am, thedcrman < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

What are the top ACT! features that you miss?

Re: BCM 2007 and MS Word 2007

Postby dGhlZGNybWFu » Thu, 12 Jul 2007 22:16:01 GMT


"Luther" wrote:

Well, you asked!

The top 10 things I miss about Act:

1. The ease that I can write letters (In some cases, as little as 2 key
strokes to a preformatted template)
2. Navigational ease (I can pull up a contact with 3 keystrokes and one more
start typing in the content of a phone conversation) BCM, I have to go to
contact, switch to Business Contacts, type in the last few letter of the
name, right mouse click on create, choose a phone note, then tab several
times to get to the notes area. Again, way too much effort getting to what I
3. Act has highly customizable fields for reporting and data capture.
4. Split screen. I can see a contact in Act with the history of the items
below. With BCM, I need to again change screens.
5. Reports in Act (while they are not great) still blow away BCM.
6. Customize menu choices (I can add a common letter template to the menu
tool bar easily.
7. Act is faster (at least the version of Act that I have)
8. Act will allow me to design the way the data is displayed (I know that
BCM can, but far more complicated)
9. Easier roupcreation.
10. Overall ease of use. Act is pretty easy to figure out. I didn find
that to be the case with BCM.

Okay, so now I have started all that, I can also give you a lot of reasons
that I did switch that BCM has over Act. Additionally, the newer versions of
Act have become more sluggish and have added virtually nothing in the way of
value to the program in my opinion. Act never did figure out how to integrate
Outlook or Word very well.

The biggest reason I switched was that Outlook has the calendar and e-mail
figured out so well. I am now just hoping that they will listen to the users
to make some improvements. If MS can do that, (and I think that many of these
are simply to do) they could OWN the single desktop CRM market.

Re: BCM 2007 and MS Word 2007

Postby mrtimpeterson via OfficeKB.com » Thu, 12 Jul 2007 23:24:51 GMT

For 4 years now I have been clamoring for BCM to get its "ACT" together and
the changes just never seem to come.  I don't think the empathy nor the
incentive is there to emulate the design strengths that ACT provides in
certain functions.  It would be nice if MS would pull this off but I am not
holding my breath.


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RE: BCM 2007 and MS Word 2007

Postby ZW1pbGJlcmdlcg » Thu, 30 Aug 2007 05:04:11 GMT

And it takes forever to sort through 3000 contacts and then theere is no link 
with Outlook of the created document and  a log of that documents creation

Re: BCM 2007 and MS Word 2007

Postby ZW1pbGJlcmdlcg » Thu, 30 Aug 2007 05:12:06 GMT

reate a letter from a single contact or selected group and place a note of
file created.

Create a process path from answereing a call to createing a response to
following with a reply.

"Luther" wrote:

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