I can't remove or reinstall Buisness Contact Manager (MS 2003)



  • 1. Accessing word files in BCM history
    I can't read a word file in my account or contact history. I know I can't edit it but it opens up with just a form with the file name(not even the path). I think this used to work...according to the documentation it should. I have no problems viewing email, tasks etc. Troubleshooting path: 1) check online doc., reinstalled BCM, rebooted, tried various kinds of files (word, excel) - all with same results. Thanks!
  • 2. Unsuccessful install
    I launched new PC & Office Professional with Outook months ago - and declined to install Bus Contact Mgr at that time. Now I put in the CD and completed Bus Contact Mgr install wizard - but got no prompt for file creation at the end or after opening Outlook the next time - as some Microsoft site info indicated. Bus Cont. Mgr does not appear in Help - probably because the "file" was not created. Now what do I do?
  • 3. How do I set up Accounts and Contacts in BCM from Outlook contact.
    How do I import info from Outlook Contact to set up Accounts and Contacts in BCM? Also, I have imported AOL emails to Outlook, and want to link them to Opportunities? I followed the instructions and no dialog box comes up to allow this to happen? Last, is there any decent documentation on this software or should I just scrap it a useless?
  • 4. BCM Account- Cannot add new accounts
    I cannot add new accounts to BCM. I get a message: "This item could not be saved to this folder. The folder has been deleted or moved, or you do not have permission. Do you want to save a copy in the default folder for this item?" If I ask to show help for this item, I get a message about exceeding two TB of size, or exceeding the size established by the system administrator. (This is a standalone machine" Asking for "More Information" on the error screen gets me to a page that says there is no Microsoft Knowledge Base information about this error or event message. I am running Windows XP (not Professional) with SP2. I also have Outlook 2003 with SP1 and Business Contact Manager with SP1. Thanks in advance for your response.
  • 5. how do I sync contact info from BCM to PDA
    I need to sync the data from BCM to my pda. BCM has little value for me when compared to ACT! if I cannot make my information mobile. Does anyone know if and when MS has plans to make this facility available? Perhaps being able to sync with Outlook might help.... HEEELP.....

I can't remove or reinstall Buisness Contact Manager (MS 2003)

Postby ZGVsbGlzb24 » Wed, 09 Aug 2006 11:31:01 GMT

As stated in the subject matter, I tried using the application CD, but I keep 
getting error messages when I try to remove or reinstall Buisness Manager 
Cantact for Microsort (MS Office Outloook 2003 - April 2004).  What is the 
fix for this problem

Re: I can't remove or reinstall Buisness Contact Manager (MS 2003)

Postby Luther » Thu, 10 Aug 2006 02:37:56 GMT

What are the error messages?

Re: I can't remove or reinstall Buisness Contact Manager (MS 2003)

Postby ZGVsbGlzb24 » Fri, 11 Aug 2006 11:34:01 GMT

Hi Luther... The error message is in two forms/dialog boxes. The first dialog 
box states:  " An error has occurred while removing the SQL active directiory 
helper service"

The second dialog box which appears after the closing of the first dialog 
box states: "Fatal error durring installation"

Remember I'm tring to REMOVE Business Contact Manager.

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