How Can I Dial My Cell Phone Using a Number in Outlook?



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How Can I Dial My Cell Phone Using a Number in Outlook?

Postby Ym9ic29u » Wed, 22 Nov 2006 01:24:01 GMT

I want to have all of my contacts in Outlook that I need to call for business 
pursuit. When my smartphone is in the cradle I want to be able to click on a 
phone number in Outlook and have it dial the number on my cell phone. I do 
not want to have to download the phone numbers to the cell phone, just enable 
the USB connection of the smartphone to the computer to allow  numbers to 
dialed. Can this be done?
Bob Johnson

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I'd like to dial a contact from Outlook through my bluetooth-connected cell 
phone and talk using my laptop's microphone (or else using the cell phone 
itself,once the call has been picked up at the other end.) Is this possible? 
How do I do it?

Thank you.

John F.

2.Using contacts to Dial phone numbers

I am trying to use my contacts list to actually dial phone 
numbers (rather than using the phone's keypad).
It works fine with straightforward numbers (after I add a 
phone cable to the phone socket !).

However as soon as I add a 'pause' to the number string 
(using a comma) it causes Outlook to think I want to dial 
an Internet number. I want to add a pause so that I can 
put a calling card in the dial sequence.

So my question is:

Does anyone know how to add a pause to a number in 
Contacts or Personal Address Book so that the Dial button 
can be used to dial the number on a regular phone line ?

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I am using a calling card to dial international number. It
works fine when I used with internal modem. But when I
switch the line to softphone. It complains that -
"The specified number either contain characters that are not
valid or is not formatted correctly"

The number I have in outlook is of this format
+91 (123) 456-7890

When I open the Phone and Modem options via the Dialing
Properties button, I see the following at the bottom
1 8880987654 91 1234567890
This works with Modem but not with Softphone. Other direct
dialed(not via calling card) works fine with softphone..

Have tried it on Win2000/Xp Outlook 2002/2003. Its the same


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