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  • 1. I up-dated my BCM for outlook,but i cant get report after that?!
    I had a microsoft outlook 2003 with Bussiness Contact Manager.i up dated it from MS site. after updating BCM, i cant get report anymore and it show that: "report could not be generated,please try again" . please help me and let me know what should i do?
  • 2. Acounts do not sync to pda
    | Hi, | | I've got a problem with syncing BCM data to the PPC. It works fine | till i have an account with no contact person, then it does not sync | the account! | | Any suggestions anyone? | p.s i tried creating a dummy person and then iw works, but it's not a | nice sollution. -- Henry Knoop MSM Support The Netherlands
  • 3. BCM and ListBuilder
    Does BCM and ListBuilder exchange "Do not send e-mail" information? For example, on the Details tab of the Contact, there is a "Do not send e-mail" check box. I'd like to know if that is updated when a ListBuilder subscriber unsubscribes from a newsletter. Also, if I manually check the "Do not send e-mail", the ListBuilder import still imports that Contact and email address. Why? I have tested checking the "Do not send e-mail" box and reimported, thinking that it would remove the subscriber from ListBuilder, but this wasn't the case. On that note, it would also be nice if BCM could mark all Contact under an Account as "Do not send e-mail" if desired or if an Account is set to Inactive. John
  • 4. Start Over - - Clear Out
    I have approxiamently 250 contacts and have been testing and playing with BCM. I am fairly happy with everything and with all the links and everything I created for testing I want to start fresh. I want my contatcs there, but to wipe out all the links to emails to start over so that way all links are legit. Is there an easy way to do this without uninstalling and reinstalling?

SQL Active Directory Helper Service

Postby U2hlbGxleSBUaGF5aWw » Mon, 12 Jun 2006 19:38:01 GMT

I downloaded the BCMV2 Update and tried installing it. While installation I 
got a message "An error occured while removing SQL Active Directory Helper 
and rolls back all actions. 
Now I find I cannot unistall my BCM and the same doesnt load too, saying 
cannot connect to database engine.
I am going crazy trying to figure out waht to do. Please help.

Re: SQL Active Directory Helper Service

Postby Leonid S. Knyshov » Thu, 15 Jun 2006 10:14:35 GMT

What other SQL instances are installed on this computer?

Do you see any other SQL services in (start, run, services.msc, ok)

If nothing, we can probably clean up the Windows installer database and then 
it should install.
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