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    My situation is this: I was using Windows XP with Office/BCM 2003. My computer crashed and will not boot up. I can however access the data files on the hard drive. I now have a new computer with Windows Vista and Office/BCM 2007. I copied the pst file and it is fine. I've tried different suggestions for getting the BCM file to work with the new system, including these instructions from an earlier post (or a variation that works with Vista): "Hi Rex Try this. 1. Go into BCM and create a new database. That database needs to match the name of the .MDF file. So if the MDF file is named "MyBusiness.MDF", create a new BCM Database with that name 2. Stop the MSSQL$MICROSOFTSMLBIZ Server by going to Start > Run > services.msc and selecting the MSSQL$MICROSOFTSMLBIZ service 3. Copy the original .mdf & .ldf files over the blank database. They should be in the following location C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Business Contact Manager 4. Start the Server again (see step 2) 5. Restart BCM and see if you can access your data Hope this helps! -- Regards, Larry, [MSFT] " It still doesn't work. BCM 2007 cannot read/access my BCM 2003 data file. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks so much for any help. I've spent so many hours on this. Anna
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BCM Link to existing SQL files

Postby ZGti » Thu, 13 Oct 2005 08:52:01 GMT

Hope someone can help me out here,
I have a large existing Customer/Contact database running in SQL for our 
main accounting application. I want to either import or link BCM to these 
files. Am I barking up the wrong tree? Or can M/S BCM work this way?

Thanks in advance,

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3.Attaching Dbase Files To the BCM sql Server

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found the ability to make notes on contact records and a few other features 
interesting and useful.

I was also under the false assumption that the BCM file was part of my .pst 
file. which I was able to harvest from the hard drive after the virus 
attack. I learned here that that's not the case. I checked the image file of 
the old hard drive and found the following:

MSBusinessContactManager.Idf       10,240KB        3/30/06

MSBusinessContactManager.mdf     25,600KB        3/30/06

MSBusinessContactManager.Idf       10,240KB        6/25/06

MSBusinessContactManager.mdf     25,600KB        6/25/06

It looks like I started toying on 3/30/06 but since the infection occurred 
in June, I assume the second set of files dates 6/25/06 were either created 
during the virus attack when there was a loss of control, by me in an 
attempt to savage files before the disc was flattened and the rebuild 
process begun, or by the guru I paid to create the image file. (I'm reading 
these files from a disc he gave me. They've been run through his virus 
software and found to be clean and my NOD 32 software finds no problem.)

I was here about two months ago to get some preliminary information but was 
really ready to plow into BCM full force. I am now. At the time, a gentleman 
told me:

>> After  copying it ( I assume he meant the set of two files above) to your 
>> new disk, you will still need to attach it to the BCM sql server instance 
>> before the database will show up as available in BCM.<<

I could use a little more instruction or references to how I go about 
attaching this; I'm fairly computer literate . for an old geezer. But I'm 
not a guru. I do remember windows popping up when I first installed the BCM 
but I vaguely remember opting out of connection to a server since I really 
wasn't going to be sharing or collaborating. Then again. I may just THINK I 
understood that is what I was doing but may have missed the point completely 
since I had no prior frame of reference with BCM.

Any help would be appreciated, I'd like to have those files back. I assume 
they have my calendar and my phone/contact directory. I do have the .pst on 
another machine  that I also decided to flatten and rebuild at the time but 
it's too small to run BCM so I simply copied the .pst file. I don't know if 
I need to do that on the new machine once I get the BCM files loaded. Would 
appreciate a comment here as well.

Thanks for your help.

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