Outlook 2003 BCM book?



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    Thanks for the help. The more I looked at it, that was my assumption, unfortunately. Would you think the best thing would be to import the excel names as contacts and then manually link the individual contact names to the accounts? "Luther" wrote: > On Apr 15, 10:41 pm, ryanholliday > < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote: > > I am trying to import data from an Excel file to create accounts for BCM. > > The file includes addresses, phone, etc., and I would also like to import the > > Excel column where I have the primary contact name. Even though the rest of > > the data inserts properly after I map the transition, the "Primary Contact" > > field does not fill with the name from my Excel file. > > I think the PrimaryContact field contains the internal id of a > BusinessContact, and when you open an Account form, BCM fetches the > name field of the contact with that id and displays it. > > So there's no way to import a primary contact name for an Account. >
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Outlook 2003 BCM book?

Postby Brian Watson » Wed, 23 Feb 2005 15:33:20 GMT

Anyone like to recommend one from experience?

I find a book with a good index better than help files.


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I've got a two backups from my BCM-V2 SP3 installation :
A) Completed Export to BCM (From Outlook 2003)
B) Database Backup From MSSQL 2003 (Express Ed, or Whatever)

I Did a clean install (on Another WorkStation) of Office 2007, then install 
Outlook BCM-V3 (Witch install MSSQL Express Ed 2005, and creates an empty 

I've follow two differents steps to try to make the migration :
A) Import BCM File (From my previous exported BCM (Outlook 2003)).
ERROR : Something like "Outlook can't make the last action", and nothing 
append, another thing is that, I must kill outlook process to get rid of that 
pop-up (Cancel and BACK buttons doesn't work)
B) Restore Database into MSSQL Express 2005:
It seams that this last step is the right one, but, when the process is in 
the middle of the migration, it stops, and shows a pop-up with something like 
"You're not allowed to restore database, plese contact the owner (my self) of 
the database, before restore" (This is not the exactly msg, but the meaning 
is the same)

My last chance, is to backup database, with password, and try to restore 
again, and see what append. No other clue for me, any help ??


(Excuse my bad english))

2.Outlook 2003 B.C.M. address book doesn't function

Hello all,

Several weeks ago a client contacted me regarding an issue that had 
developed on one of their workstations.  They have Dell Dimensions that came 
with Microsoft Office 2003 w/BCM installed.  However when the office manager 
installed an older copy of MS ActiveSync 3.x on her workstation, she also 
inadvertently installed Outlook XP.  As you can imagine that caused major 
problems so I had to stop by their office and uninstall anything pertaining 
to Outlook, reinstall, get the MS utility to clean up installer files. 
Finally after an hour everything began working normally.

However last week she went to save an address to her address book and began 
receiving the message:

"Upon opening Outlook, it refers to the Business Contact Manager and the 
database engine.  When trying to ADD to Address Book, it states the Contacts 
folder is either moved, deleted, or permissions denied."

I suggested she uninstall and then reinstall BCM via the orginial OEM cd she 
received from dell.  She tried that to no success.  In fact here was what 
she wrote after I suggested that idea:

"The CD is not allowing me to reinstall.  Autorun brings up a screen stating 
in black letters Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2003 setup completed 
then in red Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2003 was not installed. 
"Finish" is the only operational button.  The Wizard closes.  I have tried 
going to My Computer to run the setup and I get the same screen.  Also tried 
start/run/e:, same thing happens."

Does anyone have any ideas?  It sounds like the installer is possibly messed 
up.  Correct?


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4.upgrading from Outlook/BCM 2003 to Outlook/BCM 2007

I recently upgraded my computer to Vista 32bit with a clean install. I 
backed up all important to another system before the installation. I also 
upgraded to Office 2007, including Outlook 2007. Then I installed Business 
Contact Manager for Outlook 2007. Now I would like to restore the backed up 
database from the previous version.

When I use the 'Manage Database' dialog and select 'Restore Database...", I 
then pick the Browse button and navigate to the location of my backed up 
database from the previous version. The name of my file is 
'MSBusinessContactManager.msbcm'. It was not password protected. After 
picking the 'OK' button, I get the message:

"This backup file was created in an earlier version 2.0.3606.0. It must be 
migrated to the current version 3.0.5625.0."

I then pick 'OK' and it looks like the restore is working. However, it stops 
and replys with this message:

"Cannot restore this database because you were not authorized to back up or 
restore databases when this was originally backed up. For more information, 
contact the database owner or the system administrator for more information. 
Your local database was not changed."

Now I'm worried... I have a few years worth of contact information and 
communication history. I would really like to restore this database. I 
didn't password protect the original database file and I backed up 
regularly. I never had a system failure, so I never needed to restore. I 
would think this would be a reasonable method for upgrading from an older 
version to Outlook/BCM2007. What other method should I have used?

BTW, after upgrading from Windows XP SP2 to Windows Vista 32bit, I used the 
same computer name, description, and am part of the same workgroup.

I don't want to go back to XP and reinstall Outlook/BCM 2003 to use my BCM 

How can I restore this older database with Outlook/BCM2007?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I Installed in this order:
Office Accounting Pro 2007
Office Professional 2003 
Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager

Everything installed wtihout an error but I was not prompted for a database 
to attach..  BCM shows up in Add/Remove Programs and there is a BCM program 
group with two entries for help and a tour.  From what I have read on the 
support site there should be a "enable BCM" entry as well.  I even tried 
unistalling and re-installing "Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager".

I would appreciate any help.


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