Limiting Users Access to Business Contact Manager Contacts



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    I've created a campaign, in this case a seminar. For the contacts that attended, I want to attach the campaign to their history, but "campaign" is not an option in the "add history item" pulldown list. I know that I can use "initiated by" to select seminar and then the specific campaign, but this overwrites the already entered "initiated by" and destroys the CRM principle of recording customer contacts seeing them evolve in the marketing funnel. (For example, if somebody responds to a mailing and then attends a seminar, you want to see both customer contacts and not just the last one).

Limiting Users Access to Business Contact Manager Contacts

Postby a2xjbGFya2U » Fri, 19 May 2006 00:56:03 GMT

My supervisor has some very specific requirements for our contact database 
and I'm just beginning to learn Business Contact Manager and am wondering if 
it fits these requirements. And if it doesn't, does anyone have suggestions 
for a software that does?

We need a contact database that we can assign a lead to a user, check on any 
activity or notes they put in regarding the lead, and can reassign the lead 
if the user isn't giving it any activity?

So the user should only be able to access the specific leads we assign to 
I suppose it would be possible to just create different databases per 
user... but would it be possible to transer a contact from one database to 
the other, thereby reassigning it?

Re: Limiting Users Access to Business Contact Manager Contacts

Postby mrtimpeterson via » Fri, 19 May 2006 02:46:55 GMT

Check out this option ... and don't look back.


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RE: Limiting Users Access to Business Contact Manager Contacts

Postby bmVhbA » Fri, 19 May 2006 06:52:02 GMT

from what I understand, BCM 2 doesn't do permisssions, meaning it won't limit 
access to subsets of contacts.  If you want to stay within Outlook, you might 
use an Exchange Server or SharePoint solution with shared and private 
folders.  I've tested MX as listed above, and it might get close, but BCM 2 
isn't going to do it. 

If you have a chance to participate in the upcoming beta of Outlook 2007 
with business contact manager 3, you might find increased  functionality.  
The beta opens in a couple weeks.

Good Luck, Neal

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obscure, but here is how:

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> Hi
> Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, Outlook does not support right 
> clicking on an email address and adding it as a Business Contact in lieu of a 
> Outlook Contact. However, you can add it as a Outlook Contact, then simply 
> drag and drop that contact from the Outlook Contact folder to the Business 
> Contact folder and it will automatically make the necessary changes to become 
> a Business Contact.
> Thanks,
> Monica Tsang [MSFT]
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