quick search function went away



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quick search function went away

Postby R0ZJSnVzdGlu » Thu, 16 Aug 2007 05:02:04 GMT

I posted a message on outlook general and had no answer but found that it is 
something that only effected BCM all of a sudden. If you are in outlook list 
view and sort by a heading you can begin typing and it autoscrolls you down 
to the letters you are typing. i do not know what this is called but it works 
through outlook. recently in the past 3 days this feature has not been 
working on BCM in contacts, and accounts? does anyone know if this feature 
can be turned off. it happened to one user 2 days ago then. it still worked 
fine on my computer i went online today and since that i have lost this 
feature as well. Please any help as to where this went would be great it 
appears through the rest of outlook the feature still works it is only lost 
in BCM. any help you can provide would be much appreciated. thanks in advance.

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search, click off sub folders, key in the text you wanted to find, and go!   
Now you have to create unique search folders every time, click check marks 
for EVERY sub folder you want searched (the click on "search sub folders" 
doesn't work).  It is so time consuming to search Outlook messages in 2007 
versus 2003.   The search folders function that took a right click for a few 
seconds in Outlook 2003, takes about 4 minutes in Outlook 2007 going to 
different search boxes, menus and lots of folder box checking (I timed how 
long it took for 10 different searches averaging about 4 minutes per search).

So we just do not know what the heck to do.  

We hate to ask, but

Maybe we just are not ready to convert to Office 2007 from Office 2003 as 
many of the functions so easy to use are omitted from 2007.  

We thought we were pretty MS Office savvy, in the past, always jumping on 
the Office beta releases quickly as all the other upgrades were distinctly 
improved over the former products they replaced.  Not so sure that is the 
case for 2007 versus 2003.

Just maybe, MS got caught up in the "techie" syndrome and their 2007 Office 
products are geared more for folks with a ton of computer and system's 
knowledge, instead of the common Office user as all the previous Office 
products were.  

Office 2003 and prior were truly user friendly.  2007 so far is clearly not 
user friendly at leastr for 2007 Outlook and 2007 Word.

So if we must, and we really hate to ask, how do we convert back to 2003 for 
all our Office products?

Warmest regards and thank you for attempting to help us.

Greg Gates

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