Add contact from email message


Add contact from email message

Postby JoeM » Fri, 17 Nov 2006 09:09:49 GMT

Is there an easier way to add a BCM contact?

Right now, when I receive an email from a new contact, I right click on the 
contacts name/address in the message header; then select Add Contact.  After 
typing in the pertenant details for the contact.I save it.  Then, I have to 
go into Outlook Contacts and drag that contact into Business Contacts. 
Then, I assign it to the appropriate account.

There must be an easier way?? 

RE: Add contact from email message

Postby R3V5IExhcGllcnJl » Sat, 18 Nov 2006 21:03:02 GMT

The ability to add a new contact from an email is not available in BCM like 
it is for regular contacts. I agree that it would be nice.
Guy Lapierre
Forefront Business Solutions
Automotive Shop Management

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