how do i sync my exchange contacts with business contact manager



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    I have Office LIVE Small Business, Outlook 2007 BCM (with Outlook Connector) plus a Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone. My business contacts on Office LIVE sync to a different contacts database ('other contacts') than the BCM database? This means that the connection between PC, Office LIVE and the Smartphone is not cyclical. Does anybody know if there is a way of altering anything so that this is fixed?
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    When attempting to save a report of project tasks into an Excel document (using the handy icon on the BCM report form), I keep getting the same error message "there was an error generating the XML document." I have all the patches installed for BCM, including SP1, so I'm not sure what else I need to do.
  • 3. Small Business Accounting 2009 Express
    I often prepay expenses for my clients. We can use postage and courier fees as an example. The fees are prepaid using the company's credit card. I need to track the proper fees for each client and also charge each client on their monthly invoice. I am looking for suggestions on how best to account for these expenses and track for invoicing purposes. I credit the CC liability at the time of the charge. Should I debit a prepaid asset account? Since this is not my expense and certainly not income. I thought I could setup a prepaid asset account with sub accounts for each client. I would then debit the clients prepaid asset sub-account (such as prepaid reimbursable postage ) and credit the CC liability. When I receive the cash I would increase the checking account and offset the prepaid asset sub-account to 0. Since i have the cash, I would reduce the checking account when the money was transferred to the CC company. When I invoice I would check the prepaid account for the correct amount. One concern is if this would become difficulty for tracking when I have mulitple periods in the asset account while waiting for the prior periods cash. Thoughts? Better ideas? -- Steve Grundleger Eos Solutions LLC
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    We were hosting the BCM database on a remote server with users accessing via Outlook 2003 - no problem. Recently, I got a new laptop pre-installed with Outlook 2007. Now I am unable to connect to this database. The other users (with Outlook 2003) have problem. I know the database would have to be updated to 2007 for me to start using it. Question is: will this prevent the Outlook 2003 users from accessing it? Is there a solution to the mixed environment request? I could downgrade to Office 2003 I suppose - but it would be nice if BCM could be accessed in multiple versions. Thanks, Val XXXX@XXXXX.COM

how do i sync my exchange contacts with business contact manager

Postby SGVhdGggSCBDYWJhbg » Fri, 19 May 2006 15:01:01 GMT

Re: how do i sync my exchange contacts with business contact manager

Postby Oliver Vukovics » Sat, 20 May 2006 02:24:52 GMT

Dear Heath H Caban,

there is no default function or MS program who support this function.

Maybe a 3rd party solution support this function:

"Heath H Caban" <Heath H  XXXX@XXXXX.COM > schrieb im 

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"Monica Tsang (MSFT)" wrote:

> Hi
> Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, Outlook does not support right 
> clicking on an email address and adding it as a Business Contact in lieu of a 
> Outlook Contact. However, you can add it as a Outlook Contact, then simply 
> drag and drop that contact from the Outlook Contact folder to the Business 
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> a Business Contact.
> Thanks,
> Monica Tsang [MSFT]
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