How do I keep BCM and SBA customers in sinc?



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How do I keep BCM and SBA customers in sinc?

Postby VVJUZWNo » Sat, 19 Nov 2005 04:41:05 GMT

I completed the initial link between the two systems but now I'm having to 
create new customers in both systems.  How do I get the two systems to sinc 
customer data between the two?

Re: How do I keep BCM and SBA customers in sinc?

Postby Tim P via » Sat, 19 Nov 2005 06:03:48 GMT

I could be mistaken (and would very much welcome being corrected by someone
here more in the know if necessary) but I don't believe that there currently
exists a real time synch tool that will automatically maintain this
consisency between BCM and SBA.  This is hard to believe since the big
marketing pitch behind SBA strongly implies that it is designed for "seamless
integration" with the rest of Office!  It all comes down to the (concise or
loose) meaning of words I guess.  

Caveat Emptor! (Let the buyer beware)


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Re: How do I keep BCM and SBA customers in sinc?

Postby mitdasein » Sat, 19 Nov 2005 08:25:11 GMT

Create new Accounts in BCM. When you decide to do business with them,
add them to the acounting system using the toolbar button on the
Account form. I think the button says "Link to Accounting" or words to
that effect.

Re: How do I keep BCM and SBA customers in sinc?

Postby Raul » Sat, 19 Nov 2005 08:47:45 GMT


With regrad to your issue this is what you can try New data can be refreshed 
by going to Business Tools > Accounting Tools > Import Accounting Data.This 
will bring over new Customers or Contacts that are added to a company in SBA 
the next time integration is run from BCM. However, any changes that are 
made to an existing Customer or contact will not be refreshed in BCM. For 
example, if you change a Customer's street address in SBA, the new address 
will not be reflected in BCM. The only way to force a refresh is 
topermanently or hard delete the Account or Contact in BCM. This is because 
BCM still considers anitem to exist in the BCM DB even if it is in the 
Deleted Items folder.This behavior also applies to items in the Product or 
Service Items List. Those items must be deleted in BCM before any changes 
made in SBA will be reflected in BCM.

Hope this helps

With Regards

Raul Thomas

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