Outlook with BCM functioanity with treo 650



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Outlook with BCM functioanity with treo 650

Postby RG9uIEw » Sat, 29 Dec 2007 07:15:01 GMT

I am contemplating getting Outlook with BCM to replace Act! 2008.  The basic 
problem I have had is that over the past 4 years of using act! it syncs well 
with palm using palm os for act!, but, over time the database begins to 
become corrupted.   Then it takes hours to ferret through the support process 
to finally be charged more than $200 to have the database repaired.  This 
occurs every eight to ten months.

I have nearly 800 contacts.

Can outlook fully integrate for use on the treo 650.  ie. do the 
opportunities, appointments, notes, activities all function?
Don L, Sales Manager

RE: Outlook with BCM functioanity with treo 650

Postby U2F0 » Sat, 29 Dec 2007 08:51:00 GMT

Hi Don L,

Yes, you can move them to BCM in Palm treo.
BCM Mobile supports Business Contacts, Opportunities, Appointments, Tasks, 
Phone Log, Business Note.
800 Contacts should note take more than 5min.


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