Relocate BCM database to MSDE on SBS



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Relocate BCM database to MSDE on SBS

Postby montezuma » Tue, 28 Mar 2006 06:47:45 GMT

I want to migrate a BCM database to a new MSDE instance on SBS 2003.
I've created the instance, copied and attached the database files and
also configured TCP/IP and named pipes network connections for this
instance, setting the TCP port to 56183.

I can successfully connect to the database using "osql -E -S
<computername>\microsoftsmlbiz" from a client, but when I try to
connect to the database from the "business tools" menu in Outlook, I
keep getting "No Business Contact Manager for Outlook database could be
found on computer [server]".

Is this a supported configuration? Are there any docs on this this? If
not, any suggstions on how I start troubleshooting? Neither the BCM and
SQL logs reveal anything useful.

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Is it possible to create a BCM database on a client computer then move it to
a main server running SBS 2003 (with or with R2) and get client to connect
to that? I know there is a dull CRM package (MS CRM 3.0) but many of my
clients do not need this full functionality but it would be useful to store
the database in a more central location.

As far as I am aware, BCM uses the MSDE version of SQL. SBS 2003 R2 uses SQL
2005 workgroup edition but I'm sure it still has MSDE install for things
such as SBS Monitoring.

Many thanks for any information


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