SQL Server 2000 & BCM



  • 1. Administrative Rights with BCM
    Hello All. I am looking at deploying BCM across a Exchange Network within my enviroment. I am currently running it on the local workstations, and looking at moving this into the Terminal Server Environment. My Issue is the following. When something is created, no-one else can modify the task or Oppurtunity within the OU. When i assign the User as an Administator within the network, then they can access all of the information, and create and make modifactions to tasks and opportunites. Does everyone on the network need to be an administrator of the network to be able to access the full functions of BCM? Can anyone help me with this issue. Or had anything similar issues with this It would be great thanks
  • 2. Problem Connecting To A Database :(
    I have a fresh install of BCM on a server 2003 machine with a public static IP. I can connect to it with an XP Professional machine with a public static IP. I cannot connect to it with an XP Professional machine with a private IP given to it by DHCP. I have tried turning the firewall off and on and tried giving admin rights to the users but I have not had any luck. Thanks for the help!!
  • 3. Error adding new user into BCM
    On a windows 2003 server with Outlook 2003... When I try to add another user to BCM, I can tick the user, click next and it confirms the list of user. I then click 'Finish' and I get : 'An error occured while applying changes. Your changes have not been applied successfully.' The same occurs if I try to remove a user. I successfully added a user a week and a half ago. I am not aware that any changes or updates that have occured since then. This is not a large site and I am the only one to fiddle with the server. The user account appears normal and the user has access to email as expected. CM continues to work for other users as expected. Any clues. Svend.
  • 4. When is BCM for ppc going to support Windows mobile 5.0?
    When I installed the BMC for Pocket PC client, it failed to install on my Treo 70, saying that my os wasn't supported. anyone else run into this?

SQL Server 2000 & BCM

Postby RGF2ZSBT » Sun, 10 Jul 2005 13:33:02 GMT

Does anyone know if it is possible that through a backup and restore of the 
MSBusinessContactManager within MSDE, that I could restore this database to a 
SQL Server 2000?

I have seen within the profile configuration for Mail Profiles, that the 
data file for BCM can be selected, has anyone attempted to migrate this 
database to SQL Server 2000, and change the reference to the BCM data file 

Also, does anyone know of a good resource to compare BCM and Microsoft CRM, 
and possibly other 3rd party vendor's like Goldmine?  Anyone have any 
comments regarding these CRM products would be greatly appreciated.


Re: SQL Server 2000 & BCM

Postby Luther » Tue, 12 Jul 2005 14:50:51 GMT

It is possible to use databases on full SQL and not just MSDE, its just
not officially supported.

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I appreciate all the help, tips and suggestions that you know of, i think 
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Best regards

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