Upgraded to Vista from XP and now can't use BCM...Help!!!???



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  • 2. Can I use BCM (2007) simultaneously with a version of Access 93?
    We are looking to upgrade our Outlook to Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager on our Small Business Exchange Server. Currently however, we are using a database for our accounting and inventory work that is a heavily manipulated version of Access 93 called CanCom. We will be changing this software in the near future, and I don't need the two to integrate, but we want to make sure because they are both Microsoft databases that they will not interfere with one another and can run simultaneously on the same computer. I don't know if anyone else has possibly encountered a similar issue, or if you know how the two systems work, I just want to make sure that using both programs will not cause a crash. Thanks, Rachel
  • 3. Accidental deletion of SQL files
    Whilst trying to make more space on my hard drive I accidentally removed the SQL programme. Now each time I go into Outlook it is delayed by messages searching for the database. How can I reinstall it and/or get rid of the messages appearing. thanks
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    I need to assign a primary contact to an account but the field you mark to assign it has disappeared and the colums now read - job title business phone and email. Any suggestions welcomed!
  • 5. BCM 2007 integrated with Office Accounting 2008
    First off, I have a dedicated XP Pro machine on my network that runs the database server SQL Express. * I first integrated OA2008 and BCM2007 without a problem. * Then I downloaded and installed Microsoft BCM Database Administrator and installed it on the XP machine (server) * Then I backed up the integrated database and restored it on the server * Finally I set up my user accounts on the server for the database administrator and connected without a hitch So, here is the problem. When in a project task, I'd like to create a timesheet entry and then submit it to OA2008. When I select to create a time sheet, all I get is a message stating that BCM cannot access the accounting records. This message is give when doing timesheets, converting a quote to an invoice and when getting the financial history of a client. Other than that, everything is working fine. Is there something I don't have set right or is this a limitation of of using a remote database? Thanks

Upgraded to Vista from XP and now can't use BCM...Help!!!???

Postby phebner » Wed, 13 Feb 2008 04:24:45 GMT

My XP desktop crashed, and we purchased a new computer which runs
Vista.  For some reason, Outlook 2003 Professional Edition will run
fine, but will not acknowledge the BCM database.  Help????

Re: Upgraded to Vista from XP and now can't use BCM...Help!!!???

Postby Luther » Thu, 14 Feb 2008 00:02:50 GMT

I'm not sure what you mean by acknowledge, but you need BCM v2 Service
Pack 4 on Vista because the earlier version used Sql Server 2000,
which is not supported on Vista. SP4 installs Sql 2005 and addresses
various Vista permissions issues.

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