Set up could not locate source files



  • 1. how do i link my Ipaq and Business Contact M without causing prob.
    I can't download active sync 3.7 software without causing major problems with my BCM. I want to link up my contacts on my Ipaq but ave not found a way to do it. Can anyone help. Why does Micosoft make programs that don't work together. I need to be able to take my contacts on the road and I can't now. PLEASE HELP...
  • 2. Business Contact Manager - should be able to hot link from busine.
    From a contact in Business Contact Manager, there should be a way to click and go directly to the related account.
  • 3. Brief clarification, BCM...
    Thank you Sue, Does this mean that, under 'My Contacts' in Outlook, I will now have TWO for "Contacts" and one for "Business Contacts in BCM?" If so, isn't that sort of a violation of the database rule...the same info in TWO places? It looks like if I update Sam Jones' phone number in Contacts, it DOES NOT get updated in "Business Contacts in BCM". Am I doing something wrong? So that's really two separate databases. I just wondered, if this is the case, how others manage this delima. One of reason's I got BCM was to *consolidate* my papers, ACT!, Outlook, Palm... all into one ...and the idea is that the *one* would be Outlook along with BCM's capability to also record things like business notes, accounts, opportunities, etc. Thanks, George
  • 4. ActiveSync can't sync multiple Address Books using Business Contact Manager
    I just installed Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager. I just found out that within Outlook there are two seperate Address Books for contact information one called Contacts and now one called Business Contacts. ActiveSync only syncs with the address book called Contacts. I need to sync with both Address Books. There dosen't seem to be away to tell AS to sync with different Address Books. My sync device is a Samsung i600 smartphone runing Windows Mobil 2003. Will this be fixed in the next release of ActiveSync? Could a rep from Microsoft please reply?

Set up could not locate source files

Postby cmVhbHRvcmJhcmI » Sat, 22 Aug 2009 08:31:01 GMT

I must have clicked the box to turn Business Contact Manager off.  I can not 
reinstall it.  I have tried to go through add remove programs & fix it but I 
get a window that says it cannot locate source files.  I put in the discs 
that i bought to reinstall and I get this message:  Set up could not locate 
source files  C:/Documents/Settings/User/LocalSetting/mep/MBSsetuptmp31.log

I am using XP  Office Small Business 2007 Outlook version 12  Please help!


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