Import from Access Database (mdb) fails



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Import from Access Database (mdb) fails

Postby RGF2aWQgaW4gU2FpbnQgUGF1bA » Wed, 21 Feb 2007 05:42:05 GMT

I have not been able to successfully import contacts from an Access database 
(mdb) file. When I get to the step in which I have to identify the file to 
import, I browse to it, select it and then click-on Next. I then receive a 
the following message: "Business Contact Manager for Outlook could not 
complete your last action or action(s). Please try again." Nothing further 
happens until I click-on "Cancel". 

My environment is: Windows XP Professional, all patches and updates loaded 
to date
Microsoft Office Professional 2003 installed, all patches and updates loaded
Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2003 installed, all patches and 
updates, etc.

I'm stumped. Suggestions??

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