importing email history to a Business Contact Manager record



  • 1. can I view business contacts as normal contacts in outlook bcm
    I prefer the view of my contacts in outlook than the business one in business contact manager, I eapecially want to view my contact activities. Is there any way of doing this to make the business contacts the same as normal contacts?
  • 2. Connecting to existing database in BCM 2007
    I am no longer able to connect to my BCM data file. I can see it in Windows Explorer but BCM does not access it nor does it show up in the Data File Management utility. There is an .ilf and a .mdf file there. BCM created a second database file which is empty. Any suggestions how to re-link to the original database or at least import the data from it? When I try to use the data import feature in Outlook it does not allow me to import from an .mdf file.
    Hi- I have been using BCM that comes with office 2007 for the last 2 years for my business. Today I started getting the following errors: Error 1: Cannot start BCM because the SQL service is not running, When I try and start the SQL service I get the following error- the request failed or the service did not respond in a timely fashion. For more info consult event logs for details. Consulting the Event logs is beyond me. Any thoughts on where to go from here? Thanks for your help :)

importing email history to a Business Contact Manager record

Postby RGF2aWQgTQ » Sun, 11 Oct 2009 09:16:01 GMT

If I add a contact to my Business Contact Manager is there a way to have BCM 
go through my Outlook mail box and link all my correspondence previous to 
adding the BCM record to the contact so when I look at the history file all 
these emails will show up?

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